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What is the most unused app on your phone?


Most of the built-in apps, like Play Books, Play Music, yada yada.

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pap your homescreen

I am not sure when this question was actually asked... I am sorry for taking forever, haha.

My current one is this. The background is from a still-life photography series, "Emperor's Garden" by James Tolich.

Bold and vivid colors are not my usual aesthetic, but I really like how this makes me feel refreshed each time I look at my phone!

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What do you think about when someone doesn't even know what major she/he wants to take? Because she/he doesn't have a particular interest in one thing

That is perfectly fine. I know a number of people who only discovered their main interest (I would like to avoid using 'passion' because it is such a grand word yet vague in measurement) after they started working professionally, or even decades after they have settled in life. That's fine. Each to their own.

What's not fine is if you use this as an excuse not to explore things around you. I believe that even if this sort of interest must come naturally, you have to look for it too.

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Imagine. What if we're living in the fabricated reality of the the Matrix. Which pill would you take, the red or the blue? Feel free to elaborate your reason. :D

c i l

Blue pill cause my wardrobe is dominated by blue. Hahaha, kidding!

I would probably take blue because I don't have the confidence to face such an unstable, unpredictable and dangerous adventure given by the red pill.

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Kalau mau ambil jurusan art kyk km, SMA-nya ambil IPA atau IPS?

If you are aiming for a college overseas it should not matter much (I even had friends who did not complete their senior high diploma and went to uni straightaway). If you are aiming for a local uni then IPA should grant you more choices? Unless they don't care about it as much as 3 years ago...

I took IPA when I was in high school because I have always been better at Science than Social Studies. It did help in making sure that I'm thinking systematically and logically instead of relying on gut feeling, and in commercial art (such as illustration, graphic design, video game art, etc) this is how you should operate. Every aspect (composition, anatomy, colors, etc) of an art piece should be a product of conscious decision. The fine line between art and science is that art has more room for 'happy accidents'.

If you are thinking of doing contemporary art (like abstract paintings) then I don't think it matters at all, as long as you can market your idea.

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Any particular opening sequence you like from a Tv series?

Proper Pauper, The

I'm not really a TV person honestly... and I assume this is referring to fictional shows and from the aesthetical standpoint?

It's a close call between Hannibal and True Detective... The former is more minimalistic which is an aesthetic that I would always have a thing for. But the latter is very memorable. I guess for True Detective, the song contributed too.

I have never actually watched Manhattan but a friend showed me the opening sequence before and I thought it was great. It's actually better than the two above but I simply did not follow the series because I was already following several at that time, hahaha.

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Is there any song you can't bear listening to due to sentimental reason? What is it?

Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

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Cerita dibalik profile picture mu?

It's inpired by a Rosi Golan song. Take a guess!

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What'd you do this weekend? PAP?


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Konser apa yang wajib banget kalian tonton dalam hidup kalian? (Yang beneran ada maupun belum)


I really want to at least go to Utada Hikaru's concert once before I die. But seeing how she's mostly inactive now, I don't know if it would ever happen...

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Hi, what's your current favorite fan art from anime/movies/tv series? And who's the artist? Have a good night, you :)

Ana Arum H.

The Dag and Cheedo from Mad Max: Fury Road by Hong Kong artist Temari (Audrey Mok)

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Have any films drastically changed the way you feel/ think about certain things? Whether it be social issues or even how you perceive life. Please share some of those films and the story of how those films changed things for you. Thank you :)

The Bear Abides

Hello! I tried to think of film titles that are rather unheard of especially for people of my generation. Just to add some variety! :) So I decided to pick...

All About Lily Chou-Chou by Shunji Iwai!
This one left me with an uncomfortable feeling. I was bullied as a kid, although my case was not as severe as what the characters experienced in this movie, it spoke to me on many levels.
As Elie Wiesel said, "Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." When it comes to bullying -- you have to pick a side. When you are witnessing things from the sidelines, you are already part of the bully clique.

Give it a watch when you have time! (Also, the soundtrack is still gorgeous to date)

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In Plato's "Timaeus," God doesn't create the universe as does the Abrahamic God (among others)—He simply finds it one day, being in a state of total chaos. If you were this God, what would you do to the universe you've just found?

Disclaimer: don't take me seriously. (I'm sure Ines knows, but the spectrum of ridiculous reaction on the Internet requires me to put this)

"Chaos" is a concept for things that do not make sense to us. Including things that we did not expect or had predicted. To have such a concept is human, because of our limited lifespan, we are not able to see, feel, and think through every single thing in the universe. Thus our limited knowledge.

If, by definition, God were a divine being with none of the limitations I had as a human, then I shall seek to understand the universe... by the end of it, "chaos" will finally be no longer.

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What's your favorite mascot character? Here's for further reference:


Not really a mascot, but I've always had a thing for this character called Cheburashka (Чебура́шка).
I knew about it when someone blogged about it in Livejournal, apparently he's quite a big thing in Japan, even having his own merchandise brand (sort of like those Sanrio mascot characters).

Cheburashka is actually from children's literature by Eduard Uspensky, and there are some clips of the stop motion series done by Roman Kachanov (with off-sync English subs). Don't ask what animal he is -- that's exactly the point. In the first episode, Cheburashka was almost homeless because the zoo couldn't accept him, for they were not able to categorize him.

A cute misfit instantly bought my heart! I own a Cheburashka phone strap and a card pouch/lanyard! :)

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What’s the first thing you did when you woke up today?

Drawing. It's starting to become a habit, and I'm glad!

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How about the best book you've read in 2014 (according to you)?


Rather than best, I guess it's more of the most remarkable or profound? I read a lot, so I think it's quite something when a book leaves a deep impression on me.
I picked up War Trash by Ha Jin sometime during 2014. It's a fictional autobiography about a Chinese soldier during the Korean War. To tell you the truth, I am not into historical fiction. I picked it up because I read Ha Jin's Waiting before, and that book was brilliant (and bitter, but brilliant anyway). So when I saw his name on this book, hey, why not give it a chance?
The writing style itself is very consistent (it's in first person, so consistency within the character is really crucial) and mostly accurate (sometimes it's hard to tell that the story is imaginative -- it's seamless). It's amazing how he managed to make us relate to the main character without making the character sappy, melodramatic, or heroic. Yu Yuan is just a soldier who relies more on his wits than muscle power, a rather skeptical and passive character but he feels so real and alive through Ha Jin's writing. Give it a try if you'd like!

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Hi I just found this interesting article about Illustrator Fran Krause that asked people to tell him their weirdest and most irrational fears to turn them into witty comic strips. Do you have any deep dark fears?


This might be rather personal, but I am really afraid that my parents only "love" me because it's their obligation as my parents, instead of genuinely feeling that way towards me.


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Your favorite album cover art? (Yes you can answer more than one)


L - R:
Genki Sudo's World Order 2012 - It's difficult to pull-off such an intricate composition without making things look cluttered. And I really love how the artist managed to keep the strong Japanese visual elements within such a contemporary design.

Utada Hikaru's Sakura Nagashi - I won't lie that anime and manga plays big in what actually gets me into art, but I rarely see this art style being used for modern J-Pop covers without being tacky or over the top. (Or maybe I just haven't dug enough). This, however, proved me wrong.

Sam Suliman's record cover for Passionate Percussion - To be honest I don't even listen to this record, HAHAHA. I found Sam Suliman when looking for someone with similar graphic design style as Neil Fujita (feel free to look him up too). This cover made me fall in love with how it resembles a face as well as an audio device. It's a smart design without trying too hard.

Ta-ku's Songs to Break Up to - Very beautiful imagery of lost love as well as recovery as shown by the presence of both flipped and blossoming flowers. Also, I loved designs with strong geometry/shapes. The way the designer placed the text within the image without disrupting the overall feel is top notch.

The National's Trouble Will Find Me - I actually chose this just because of how you can see the girl's eye glancing sideways from the mirror. It shows awareness, and yet because her face is cut in half, it's a bit harder to guess whether it's fear or stillness? It implies there's more to what's pictured, and I like images like that the most.


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Give me your best pickup line!

"If you were a booger I'd pick you first." THROWS A WINK

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One sentence. Let others wonder! :)

“I am a fool with a heart but no brains, and you are a fool with brains but no heart; and we’re both unhappy, and we both suffer.”

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Good morning, ever thought to eating something alive?


Have you ever loathed a particular book so much, you simply throw or trash it away? If so, what book is it?

Pa gave me Meri Riana's book.
No one has ever seen it again ever since I skimmed through the damn thing.

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Out of the seven deadly sins, what is yours and why?

Teddy Setiawan Kho

I'm enneagram type 1.

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What do you think people should do more often?

Be kind! (even on the Internet)

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What's your dream music festival?


In which G-Dragon is performing on the same stage as Coltemonikha, Woodkid, Ta-ku, and Charlie Lim... and everyone else in my
The music fest would be called "Rojak" because it's gonna be all my personal preferences without considering the genre. It's 100% genuine music genre mix and (not) match.


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