Ask @JohanBerg339:

Washing vinyl ....... I buy many old records and some is ..... ???? Anyway, after washing them maybe I keep them. heard a lot of solutions from glue to Yes. Do you have any opinion? If so, I would be glad to hear. Thanks (Ha de gott) LuckyLeffe

I would not dare to do the glue trick with my records. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. I'm usually very gentle with my records. If I need to remove spots of fat, I use a warm (not hot) water and a little bit of detergent (Yes would work). (Ha det gott du med) Johan

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what music do you listen to?

I was dreading that question. I really listen to all kind of music. Some genres that inspires me more then others are the early swedish punk scene, the belgian electro scene with bands such as A Split Second, Vomito Negro and alot of other bands from Antler-Subway, Zoth Ommog + the whole New Beat scene. But artists like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath also has had a big impact on me. If I listen to more modern music its often electro music such as Robyn, Kite, The Knife, Karin Park, No Sleep by the Machine, The Pain Machinery, Guilt Trip, Container 90, Stockholm Wrecking Crew, Kropp and so many more... This list could go on and on and on. :)

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His family supported him when you decided to be a musician?

I got alot of support from my family when I wanted to learn music. I got pianolessons from age ten and later I got an electric guitar (age 13) when I wanted to play rock music. My parents also drove me to rehersals and was helpful in many ways until I manged those things on my own. But they also wanted me to get a "proper" education and always thought of my music more as a hobby then a career.

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