Ask @JohtoKen:

Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?

Both have their merits and uses. I use Instavideo when I want to capture something on the fly but don't necessarily want to /loop/ it, since Instavideo on its native app doesn't loop the resulting video. I also use it for when I want something that lasts more than 6 seconds (up to 10sec. if I do it in one take).
Vine is great for stuff that's looping, especially things that derive its point of entertainment through sheer repetition. I used to use Vine for the same reasons why I used Instavideo (and I still do sometimes), but I've recently learned that something work watching on Vine is mostly stuff that would be entertaining when it's looped, which is a downer for info videos or little oneshots (though that's not to say that it's not feasible to do as such; depending on the material shown like 13 Sonic and Knuckles cartridges in a 32-part series, it could possible work to one's favor)

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Do you think Touhou would be more popular if the mainline games were in a more accessible genre? (e.g. fighting, RPG, or platformer, as opposed to 2D shooters let alone danmaku)

Perhaps; part of its popularity stems from its vast world and characters (mostly the characters) as well as its mega huge remix culture surrounding its music. Changing the genre of the games itself probably wouldn't bat its popularity as much as all of the stuff people have done in dedication to the franchise...
...much like how Kantai Collection is faring off.

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You are standing on the left side of a river in front of a ferry boat with a goat, a cabbage and a wolf. the boat can only hold two at a time (with yourself included) how do you get them and yourself across without eating each other or damaging them?

strap parachutes on all of the others, throw them across the river, then use the boat for myself ヽ( ゚ ワ 。)ノ

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What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?

All of the FL Studio files and all of the video game projects I worked on from the time I got Windows 8 to the time I had to reformat my laptop because apparently accessing the hard drive contents on another Windows computer causes a bunch of permissions to lock up :c
Lesson learned: back up EVERYTHING.

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