Ask @JokersEgypt:

Who's single and who's not? O:-)

that's interesting :D hahaha
abouseif , Psycho & sherio are singles :D

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What is the world's best song to dance to?

Definitely a disco/nu-disco song :D

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hola soy de México...¿que musica te gusta?

hola :) nos encanta la música psicodélica más :)

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What are you planning on doing in the upcoming summer? Are there any shows or festivals you plan on playing?

well, we're planning to release our debut album by July isa followed by a bunch of album release concerts "after ramadan isa" they will take place in sakia,bikya, CJC, el raseef, genena theater & wherever we can have the chance to promote the album :)

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Who's Abou Seif dating?

hahaha :) nobody , the guy is single !

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Where do you see "The Jokers" in 10 years?

we don't know we just wish to tour the world in ten years from now :D

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Any gigs soon?

we're planning for one very soon isa ;)

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What would you grow in your imaginary garden?

weed maybe :P

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Which word do you use most often?

we usually say anything on our minds

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How would you like to be remembered?

our music to live forever :)

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About The Jokers:

An Art Rock/Psychedelic band formed in the winter of 2010 by George Aboutar & Psycho (Moe Hani) along with Abouseif & Sherio.

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