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Okay.... Maybe that last message was a bit harsh because tbh I don't know who the hell you are o.O but I certainly don't wanna know who you are and I know the feeling's mutual. Maybe if you BOTH stop messaging each other and if you both stop being immature you could both get on with your lives.

Okay sorry and Ik but please don't come at me to cause it's not gonna solve nothing tbh.

Don't you fucking call me hun. And it is for a fact my business... He's my friend and I don't like seeing him go though all the shit you put him though. Maybe if you's stop playing around with all ur ex's asking them to be your valentine... Well... You can figure out ur self what's wrong with that.

Umm no bitch he's putting me through it to and UM U DONT KNOW A FUCKING THING ABOUT ME AND HUN HUN HUN HUN HUN JUST DID?? Whatcha gonna do come all the way from Scotland and woop my ass lmfao. Bye

First of all, if you don't know me, Dm, I know Stephen. and I'll just start by saying, PLEASE STOP. LIKE, NOW. He doesn't need any of your of shit in his life. So god sakes, LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE. you both need to get over this. Because I'm sure as hell he's trying to get over it. JUST LEAVE IT.

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Lmfao u ig u don't know this but I'm trying to get over it go he starts shit just as much as I do so STAY OUT OF IT...ITS NOT UR BUSSINESS! ain't no one asked u for ur input so like I said don't be telling me what to do bye bye Hun :)


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