I'm fucking pissed off that the End Times is going to invalidate my much worked-on armies, and end an entire generation's worth of cool lore. It's also going to kill Fantasy. I feel like you writercunts are partially responsible. Explain why you aren't.

Are you upset? You sound upset. It's the only reason I can think of that might explain why what I'm guessing is an adult human being would phrase a question so petulantly, top it off with an insult and then demand that the person he just insulted explain themselves.
So, in deference to your obvious emotional fragility, I'm going to explain how the world of tie-in fiction works. Here it is: Writer A gets called by Editor B and offered a commission writing a tie-in novel to go along with Company C's product line. Writer A asks how much it pays and when the deadline is. Editor B tells him. Writer A then either accepts or declines the commission, based on his own schedule.
Writer A accepts. Editor B sends all pertinent reference materials that Company C has shared--these materials may or may not be the finished product; in most cases, they are not (Company C is often still writing the product in question, when Writer A begins the novel, if said novel is product specific, i.e. the End Times)--too, what Company C judges as pertinent may only be a bare bones summary of said material, rather than the material itself. This is considered a workplace hazard by Writer A, so he rolls with it. Writer A develops a pitch based on what he's given and the requests of Editor B and Company C regarding what they wish to see covered or avoided. The pitch is accepted or declined.
If it is accepted, Writer A starts work. Six to eight weeks later, Writer A turns in his draft. Editor B returns it, asking for editorial changes. Writer A makes the changes. Writer A sends in his invoice and is paid. Writer A moves on to the next project.
You'll notice that at no point in this exchange is Writer A asked about his opinions regarding the reference material or its likely effects on the intended audience. He is hired to complete an assignment and nothing more. He also doesn't share his opinions, because either (a) he isn't emotionally invested in the work and thus has none, (b) is professional enough to know better or (c) some combination of (a) and (b).
tldr; You're upset, and that's understandable. But I don't answer to you. Demand explanations all you like, but I ain't got answers--or at least not the answers you probably want to hear.

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