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josh webb
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Why g

Don't have one anyways

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What is your favorite sport to watch?


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Who's your girl

Don't worry

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How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?

Get para

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You still got a chick???

Be mine if you don't

You got a girl


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Is it racist making monkey noises at black people?

Yes obviously wtf

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Opinion on taya and emily

Taya who and Emily

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do u think pedofiles should go to prison?

Yes obvs

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y do girls have booies?

Booky person

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pap of ur hand plz?

do u think boobs should be a private part or not?


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Have you got a wifey??

Yeh gg

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Your so hot omg x


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Mmm tasty dick


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How's Ciara

Calm g

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have you got a girl?

Yeh g

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