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Why do you think people hide love but express hatred so openly?

Hatred can't be rejected, while love can.

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What is the greatest application ever?

The one with a 1000-page CV

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What was your first kiss like?

It was right after we had our massage. She has just put her top on and she's still on her panties when I grabbed her and pushed her back to bed. I landed on top of her, with my body pressing hard against hers. With our faces just centimeters apart. I closed in for a kiss. Just a peck.

At that time, I have to restrain myself from going all the way for my hormones raged and my body has been raring to do it.

The time that I had my first kiss was also the time that I almost lost my virginity.

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What headphones do you use?

The one I bought in San Francisco for $40.00. T_T

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Have you ever been rude to someone and you didn't mean it? What did you do after that?

It is too late... because people are so conceited to the point that they will judge your outburst as the reflection of your "true" personality.

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May rant ka bang kinikimkim ngayon?

"Kung si Nishimiya nga na bingi, bulol, at nagaalangan sa mga salita'y nagawang isigaw ang nararamdaman niya kay Ishida (though yung "suki" ay naging "tsuki"), BAKIT HINDI MO MAGAWA? KASIMPLENG BAGAY!"

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Do you agree that all’s fair in love and war?

Hell no.

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What is the best way to start summer?

Summer has already ended

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Flip-flops or sandals?

Sandals. But I don't have one. So flip-flops

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Ueno? Or Kawai? #TrashWaifu

Pareho silang conceited eh.

Si Kawai, nakakainis ang narcissism niya.
Si Ueno, nakakatakot at ang bayolente nila.

Pero yung ugaling ganun ni Ueno ay nadevelop dahil sa feelings niya kay Ishida. Si Kawai, ganun na talaga siya. Atsaka, ayaw ko ng drama queen. So I would go for Ueno parin.

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What’s the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?

The most romantic thing somebody would do for me, IMO:

Calling me by my first name affectionately.

Not with my nickname, which I internally hate.
Not with my titles, which I deemed irrelevant.
Not with flattery, like calling me "idol", "boss", "master", because that meant one is only concerned about my outward and charisma.

Just my name. Ore no namae

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Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?


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Which meme describes you the best?

"The most interesting man in the world"...she just found herself boring compared to me.

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Would you rather choose a high paid office job or a low paid adventurous job?

Why not both? #SchrodingersJob

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How many books have you read in your life?

I lost count of them, though most are encyclopedias, textbooks, light novels, and history books.

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It’s the Star Wars Day! Which of Star Wars characters are you?

Vader, I suggest.

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If you had an opportunity to change your name, would you use it? If yes, what would be the name?

Yes. I would just to add "David" into my name for my hometown folks keep calling me that and I don't know why. Just to gain a small measure of peace.

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What makes you blush?


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What is the best snack to have while playing computer games?

Anything but cheesy.

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Gusto ko nang mamatay,

My friend,

There are people seeking death. But there are also people being sought by death.
There are people wanting to live longer but they don't.

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Bakit ka aligaga na suyuin siya?

Ewan ko kung aligaga talaga ang tawag sa mag-dadalawang taon nang paghihintay.

Pero sana nga, aligaga nga...Para tapatin na niya ako, kung totoo ba talaga ang pahiwatig niya o hindi, kaysa umaasa akong ako iyong taong tinutukoy niya pero hindi pala.

Bakit nga ba? Oo, given na na gusto talaga ng babae ng atensyon. Kaso, given rin na torture kapag binibitin mo ang isang tao.

Happiness - walking on thin ice.

What was happening was becoming like "5 Centimeters Per Second" and "You Are The Apple To My Eye". Distance is beginning to put this love of mine into obscurity. Fate is beginning to remind me again.

How long should I wait? Will I also develop a habit of writing messages to no one? Will I be like Yang Myung? Will the evidences of my love to her be finally found? Such as this one which is on Brooklyn Bridge in New York?

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What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?

Always remembering the thought that she/he was not the one....

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Medical conditions?

I have hemangioma — swelling of the blood vessels...ulcer... an almost-collapsing right lung... and a failing heart.

Terribly unfit.

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