Ask @JoshuaEdgeworthT:

What are your favorite Progressive Rock artists? Since I heard that they're your cakes.

Ah, Progressive Rock. A guilty pleasure, as pretention permeates a large population of progressive rock. I usually stay clear of modern progressive rock, so allow me to go retro.
My favorite group is Goblin, if only because they were the group that first introduced me to Progressive Rock.
MIA is pretty sweet for its implementation of classic piano pieces. I also enjoy Camel and Jentro Tull.

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Why did you ban me from the Williams Facebook page?

Well, anoynmous, I can't tell you any specifics because of your anonymity. You may have posted spam repeatedly or may not have actually been a student or some other issue.
If it's any consolation, the official facebook group has email verification to insure you are indeed a Williams Student. You can try signing up there. Apologies if I unwarrentedly banned you.

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Why did you pick Williams?

A number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to go to a school in the north-eastern part of The US. I then decided a liberal arts college, with its smaller number of students and focus towards undergraduate education, was the perfect fit for my aspirations.
Probably the ultimate factor in my decision was visiting the campus. I was recommended to consider it by my college advisor, and it did not disappoint. I love how secluded it is from the metropolis; I love the welcoming milieu of the ephs; I love how the academics are diverse, challenging, and intellectually fulfilling.
What's not to love? It just clicked for me.

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What are your recommended video games?

Let's make things interesting. I'll only recommend games that were critically lambasted by professional video game 'journalism'.
God-Hand, Killer is Dead, Silent Hill 4, and Deadly Premonition are just a few examples of excellent or interesting games that, nonetheless, didn't get too much positive attention on their immediate release.

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You're really really well spoken. Do you ever notice it's slightly intimidating?

I've been told just that before, exactly! Usually, intimidation is bad; but, in my logic, intimidating people with language is actually a good way to enhance the knowledge of said people. It challenges the audience to step out of their comfort zone, grasp the finer points of language, and come out more knowledgeable in at least some way. When one reads, George Orwell, part of the appeal is the challenge to conventional thought.
Course, I try not to counter-intuitive with it. If a message is completely illegible because the words are deliberately obscure, than what's the point in making a message to begin with? I mentioned Orwell because he wrote an excellent essay on the threat of deliberately obtuse language in politics. Check it out, if you want to see what I mean.

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