Ask @Joshua_lira:

Hello everyone I love you all and I love helping you all and some people find that my answers to some questions on my wall are inappropriate so what I'd like if you may, let me know if I'm doing something that you don't think it's right and I'll let you know my point of view .. Thank you love you ❤️


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the truth is that, you dont know me and I dont even if I describe to you you will never know me. last month I was in twitter that I saw some of my followers twitted ask. fm so I decided to click on it and I just saw its site so I create an account and just start following people. but am in africa,

How about you do ur best on telling me what you have to say ok

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dont do that not fair ok

How about you spam me with question and come off anon cause i'm not gonna tell you my facebook profile cause idk who u are soooo i'm gonna go now

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hahahahahahahaha I dont want you to waste your time that. I friend you, you didn't friend me ok

Or you just kik me cause i'm bored and have nothing to do or you come off anon ;)

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you suppose to tell me your facenook profile name and am not gonna answer it for every one in this ask. fm to see ok

Come off anon or kik me

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