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I think I been blind cause it's right in front of me took someone else noticing how she brightens my day

Who brightens your day?

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There’s so many things I wish we could do together. It’s a shame we won’t ever get to do those things.


I’m going to stay away from you don’t worry. I’ll never talk to you or see you again even tho I want to. You don’t have to be afraid of me ever. I’ve been staying away from you for almost years now

This is clearly not a message for me lol

Have you ever not talk to someone because what others said about them? Or do you have a mind of your own?

No I make my own decisions

Better yet $250,000. How would that change your life?

I would open a small store and move later down the line

ese anonimo que anda dolido con la fake, seguro esta celoso y es m4r1c0 de closet, porque solo un m4r1c0 resentido le tiene celos a un perfil falso y por eso lo dice en anonimo jajajajajaja

Sí, solo dime quién eres!


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