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I'm just a friend of hers, I go to 71st. And just so you know nayia had nothing to do with me talking to you. Like I said before I was just concerned for her. All I'm saying is nayia is a beautiful person, she's been distant from me so I thought maybe you could help. She really loves you dude

Oh ok... Nayia needs to learn some independence she'll be fine I'm sure of it 😊

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I feel you, I can't argue with that, it's just that her attitude has changed lately and I'm worried. I've only talked to her a handful of times and those handful of times that wasn't her talking. That's why I asked if y'all were together or not. Now I see. She's still holding on man it's sad.

I don't think it's sad... She was in love .. So was I .. Can I ask who you are ?

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Well, no relationship is perfect. I'm actually a mutual friend of nayia's, you made her so happy, and on god turned down every female that tried to holla, she was sprung af yo. I hate to see you two. For the most part, I really hope you guys get back together and come back stronger than ever.

I understand but rn a rela isn't what's best for me.. And Ik she's a sweet heart .. She's my best friend lol..

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