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Julia Price
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Why do girls like a guy with a sense of humor?


Because we know we can smile with him during all the hardships

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if you love someone but they dont love you back, what do you do?


You let go and focus on doing the things you love and surround yourself with people who really support you.

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you're very good singer, really loved your voice. 😄👍

Mohammed MaGdy

Thank you love

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What is your favorite singer/band

I love love love Ellie Goulding. What about you?

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am still living in the past , what should i do to move on ?

Alaa Dabbas

Write down five things you've always wanted to do. Things you're nervous but excited about. Then pick your favorite two on that list. Figure out how to make them happen with a plan and then take action. Before you know it you'll be so over the past and soooo pumped for the future.

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If they can return to the past What to do اذا كان بامكانهم العودة الى الماضي ماذا تفعل

Yasser H. Alsaaide

Hmm. That's a tough question because everything that's happened has lead me to this point. I will say, I wish I would have ended either romantic relationships or friendships that were making me unhappy earlier. Sometimes I hang on too long. This goes for lots of things. Just letting go earlier instead of trying to make something work that is over.

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The biggest advanture u can ever take is to live the life of yr dreams"

Moe Y. Al Eryani☬


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What is art to you?


Anything that makes me feel something

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What do you do if somebody you like (ur friend) says they like you and then they go and date someone else behind your back?


Cut the losses and move on. There are so many options out there and they already proved you can't trust them.

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Wow! Your a really good singer. Just be aware that I'm going to spam your videos😂

Gladys Wani

Please do!!! And thanks darling

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Hi I just stated listening to ur music and it's really good:) You are so pretty😍😍 if you weren't a singer you should be a model❣

Lauren Strittmatter

Awwww thank you. Really sweet of you 😊

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hey from india!

heet tike

Hello 😊

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I love your music and you are goals! Love ya

Courtney Leap


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What made you happy today?? 😄


Talking to you guys and girls

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Wats the best way to get over ur ex


To completely let go and focus on you. Build yourself back into a strong independent person.

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Hey from germany and illinois ♥♥♥ love your music♡

Aww love you!

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When is the last time you fall in love?

Dennice Cordero

About two years ago. We dated for awhile but unfortunately it didn't work out. Right now I'm more in love with making music than anything

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Do you fart in front of your friends

Of course lol

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i have tried everything to get someone to like me, i try to be nice and i try to be pretty but people dont think i am, so how do i get a guy? And u are so pretty and perfect and u can sing like an angel!! ily!!

Hailey Paige

Hi love. You will get everything you want when you focus on loving yourself. Kind of weird how it works but sometimes by trying too hard we actually push what we want away, because we aren't being ourselves. ❤️

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Hello from Michigan!

kitty kat klare

Hi beauty!

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Hello from ny


I'm from New York!

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What's all of your social media? Instagram/YouTube etc. I'd love to follow you!! Would you mind following me? I'd be extremely honored. 💘 @MissNataliaGomez on IG😘💓

Natalia Gomez

Hey love! It's:

YouTube is julia price in the search or username juliamusic1

Yes lets be friends !!

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Hey! My names Eileen and I was wondering, why can men go topless but woman can't?

Eileen Quinn Quinn

I'm with ya sister. Makes no sense to me

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Where was your best trip you ever been too and with who?

Abdullah Almisnad

When I went to Europe alone for two months!

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