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If they can return to the past What to do اذا كان بامكانهم العودة الى الماضي ماذا تفعل

Yasser H. Alsaaide
Hmm. That's a tough question because everything that's happened has lead me to this point. I will say, I wish I would have ended either romantic relationships or friendships that were making me unhappy earlier. Sometimes I hang on too long. This goes for lots of things. Just letting go earlier instead of trying to make something work that is over.

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i have tried everything to get someone to like me, i try to be nice and i try to be pretty but people dont think i am, so how do i get a guy? And u are so pretty and perfect and u can sing like an angel!! ily!!

Hailey Paige
Hi love. You will get everything you want when you focus on loving yourself. Kind of weird how it works but sometimes by trying too hard we actually push what we want away, because we aren't being ourselves. ❤️

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