Ask @Julie25_love:

I need advice. My boyfriend loves me, but I don’t think I feel the same. I’m happy every time that I’m with him, and sometimes I feel really really bad every time he talks about our future together. Because I can’t see him in mine. I’ve been wanting to break up with him but I’m scared to be alone.

I've been in a similar situation where the guy was head over heels for me but I just didn't feel the same way about him. Its a tough predicament to be in. But if you can't learn to be alone, being in a relationship isn't gonna resolve the issue. When you're brave enough to be alone you become a lot stronger than you ever thought was possible and its honestly a beautiful thing. My advice would be to be completely honest and open with him about how you're feeling because the longer you put it off, eventually you never actually get to doing it. Pray about it and hope for the best! I hope this helped you😊

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