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why does family become your enemy at your worse when you trusted them

They never are. You just have to change the way you think

What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up? I got from god

Biggest lie was if you frown your face will stick that way

My boyfriend asked me to remove my Instagram dp which is a couple photo of we both. The reason he asking is because his ex gf is blaming him after see my dp and it is very annoying to him. Is it fair that he asking me to remove my dp due to that reason???

Hell no. Why is he even still talking to his ex. His ex is jealous and that has nothing to do with you

What gets you through life?

God. & knowing that the sun rises tomorrow. Life goes on. Nothing is promised but living in the moment definitely helps.

It feels really good when you gave up your phone for a day

Blustarain’s Profile PhotoBlustarain
It does! & for me personally it feels better putting down your phone and picking up a good book :)

why are you so kind ?

shashimadu838720120729’s Profile PhotoShashi Madu
I believe that random acts of kindness makes this world a great place to live in. Always being kind to yourself and people around you brings nothing but happiness :)

So helloo! Im new here and Im kinda lost not knowing how to operate this thingy.. Anyways, have a good day/night!

Karanteed’s Profile PhotoKaranteed
We always seem lost following someone else or something. Why don’t we lead ourselves! That way we shall never be lost :)

Any advices or tips that you would suggest in order for a person to forget someone?

Queen_bossy_bae’s Profile PhotoLeena
Just move on with your life. The sun still rises the next day! So listen to some music, eat some great food and move on


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