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As a Fresno melee player, I wish I had more free time to go back to one of your pm tournaments. Was an awesome experience. How do you find the time to be awesome to your community

Thanks! I wish I had time to enter Fresno tournaments too, but TO'ing and venue management is a busy life. Its really putting the community first before myself. While I do have to do things to make my sponsors happy, I always want to make sure that my tournament attendants have as much fun as possible. Also provide some entertainment in between tournaments like making hilarious videos, haha.

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What's your top 7 for next smash 4 PR? Also who are the 3 best people not on PR atm? Oh and thanks for hosting tournaments :)

NP! I love hosting tournaments!
As for my top 7, 1UP X would be first. The rest in no order are DSS, Sean, Jeff, ............. omg people are so inconsistent. I can't really say. BobaTapioca deserves a spot on the next PR. That's all I can think of for now.

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And then what after that. Compared to all that happens with Melee and Smash4. Faulty TO that never seeks help for better run tournaments supporting a lost cause smh

I've never run a bad tournament nor have I ever held a 'perfect' one, but there are alot of people that do enjoy the tournaments that I do run. The 3rd CoGPoG didn't have many entrants, and that is something I as a TO can't control. But most of the attendants enjoyed their time with the crew battle and playing at Gsharks place. Maybe I didn't take yours or another specific person's suggestions on how to run a tournament, but that doesn't mean I don't listen to anyone else's advice. There are so many people that support me. As for PM being a lost cause, its not. We got the community to support it.

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