Ask @JustinDsouza774:

Do you love the World you live in?

If you mean 'India' by 'World', then no.
Let me tell you 10 reasons why I think so:-
1. Poverty
2. Overpopulation
3. High Inflation Rates
4. Poor Girl Child Education
5. Poor Infrastructure
6. Balance Of Payment Deterioration
7. High Levels Of Debt
8. Inequality Has Risen
9. Large Budget Deficit
10. Rigid Labor Laws.
If all this isn't enough then two words - FREE RAPE.

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Why the fuck do you support Deeksha? I mean, what would be your reaction if your sister posts a picture of her in panties just because she gets a question by some anon! These things are obvious and need NOT to be proved. So please grow up.

Okay well, so firstly I would like to point out that I am 20 fucking years old while you are just some ignorant teenager prolly just 16 or most likely 17 sitting behind a computer your parents paid for and YOU are asking me to grow up? Talk about irony. And truth be told, yes, I support Deeksha. I'm not calling her act as something as bravery or such. Well not at first atleast. I opened my ask page and the thing was flooded with people sending her links around. So yes I was curious and shocked at the same time. The only thing going through my mind was 'Why would she do that. Just why'. Well, I clicked on the links and eventually saw her pic. But then when I went through her answers, I realized I was a fucking dick. She had some pretty strong points. I can't be arsed to tell you all that. But I'm pretty sure you must've read if you HAD to come to my page and send me this. The worst part of this is, the so called 'popular' people I'm not even going to name except for Sukhnidh were showing their hate or well atleast what they thought about it openly and criticizing her and claiming that people like her are the ones who initiates rape. To be honest I was upset after all this. I'm new to and its been just about a few days and here I am witnessing all drama going on here. I normally do not express my hate but honestly, Sukh is narrow minded and fucking double standards she has. The way she talked about Deeksha was just fucked up. She's 15 for pete's sake. What does she know. BUT, yes, she's entitled to her own opinions. Anyhow I'm deviating off the topic here. So what I was trying to say was that I find it irritating and weird that its perfectly normal to do this abroad somewhere and not here. Why can't we open our minds and stop being so dillogical? Okay so suppose you go to a beach and find someone in a bikini. Do you go up to her and say 'Hey, I wanna rape you' or 'Hey, you're not dressed decently' or whatever? I guess not. And that's why I want out society to change. Change for the better. And frikking give someone the right to express/do anything she wants without having others to interfere or poke their noses in their business. And as for the sister part, well, I do not have a sister. I was raised an orphan. Thanks for rubbing that in. And even if I did, I'm sure I wouldn't mind as long as she knows what she's doing and she's ready to face whatever the outcome is. I sincerly dream of a day where a girl can walk out in the streets at 12am and shout out that they are proud that they are Indians without having to worry about people judge them.
Okay so I know I went off topic a little too much. Please forgive. I was In no mood to answer all those hate messages you sent. So please, just please, get off my page.

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