Ask @JustineIsABitch:

Omg you're funny!♥ i follow you.

Ella ✞△△

How are you??

Ricardo Gimón
Not too good, Richard.

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NIGGA. Basically, yeah. its ok.

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Thanks For Your Advice :))

Mohamed Gamal
ur welcome mohamed. ur welcome

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Hey its justine ur a mother fukin bitch i h8 u tracy

Jealous little whore.
Justine littlebrain is a jealous little whore

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Please dont-.- let's hunt justine littlewood down and kill her mwuahahaha

Ell smith x
come we go!

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Ell smith x
im gonna eat you

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celeb crush?

ur mama,
ur papa,
ur bold-headed grandma

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HEY BABZ how are you gal? x

ella bby ily <3
im gd, howz u ? x x x

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Bio for bio ?

Justin Bieber
alright bby<3

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Are you afraid of the future?

Yep. I can't get a job, so I have to have at least 7 kids so I can pay for shopping :/

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Are you scared of the dark?

lol no

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Hey i follow you, follow back? also i'm giving gifts to everyone that likes 75 of my answers :)

i think youre hot

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07794777907 call me

^ call him/her

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My wyf iz Steph.

Diana ♡
my wife is steph...

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go on then

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I honestly feel like crying:( I don't know what to do anymore. I ain't wanted here

Elaine is a great help for this..

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Who are your enemies?

Ugh, just the stench of her makes my eyes water

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Do you already have app for iPhone?


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About tracy beaker:

mi name iz tracy, i am da QUEEN ok Cam iz a lezbo, justine haz fuckin sideburns and elaine da pain iz a paki cow. DONT FUK WIV ME

dumping groud obvss