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Do you like your handwriting?

People say my handwriting is like type written 😅 I still want to improve it a bit more though 😊

Do you like Milk and Cookies ? It's my favorite snack.

Yeah ofcourse who doesn't like milk and cookies 😅

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Do u like to read the book first or watch the movie first? I mean for stories that are both a book and a movie

Book first 💖 because the whole story is in the book rather than in the movie. In some cases, you wont understand the story if you havent read the book yet ^^

Girls, have you missed your period before. If so, how do you deal with it to let your period come?

Just pray to the period gods and goddesses 🙏

Tiga saan ka? Gusto ko lang check hanggang saan abot netong shout out

Around taft lang malapit sa DLSU

Early signs ng pagbubuntis? Feeling ko 1 week palang. :(

Take a pregnancy test then if positive pacheck up ka na.

childish act or childish solution ang break up if na broke mo yung promise mo twice na magkikita kayo?

Dont make a promise that you cant keep kasi napakaimportante nang trust sa isang relationship xoxo
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Pano mo malalaman kung gusto ka lang nyang ligawan para irampa sa mga barkada nya o gusto ka talaga niyang ligawan dahil mahal ka nya? 😅 gets ba?

Kung mahal ka niya talaga kahit kayo lang magkasama nararamdaman mo paring sincere siya sayo at nde nawawala ung spark na meron kayo

What is that mean when you can't get someone out from your mind?

Did that someone ever did something to you???

What your plans this weekend?

Actually we are getting ready to go to Singapore for our 1 month vacay ^^


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