Ask @Justsuckmadick:


Come with me,
Come with me,
I would die In your Arms,
Come with me,
Come with me,
I'll do whatever you Want.
Trust me Baby,
Have no fear,
Im more into Drugs than Girls,
You're the only one
who appears
Have no fear,
Feel my near,
Put your lips on my ear,
Say something against my fear
I see it crystal clear,
You're my ancor to this world,
Please don't disapear.
Imagines in my Head,
Images, i Never had,
Never had a Head,
Hand me a hat
or all the bad things Dropping into me,
I know you're into me,
But i don't know what you see,
Is that really me?
Or just a reflection that you see?
Baby stay in my near
Baby stay the fear

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