Are u looking for a girlfriend

nah. don't wanna get hurt

That is a really good answer. A lot of people get hurt. I got hurt really really bad once and I couldn't and didn't want to keep going I thought nothing was worth it anymore. I appreciate you so much, Johnny. You are amazing. I'm here for you 24/7. I support you every step of the way. Love you!!!!!

i'm so sorry to hear about that. thank you, ily2!

It's okay. I'm still just trying to work through it but people like you make my day better and better! Keep being yourself and don't let anyone take you down! You are so amazing! And you are so loved you don't deserve any of your haters. I HOPE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY!✨🌹💓

thanks for the nice words. its actually so sweet😊 hope to meet you too.

Sorry, this is probably gonna annoy you... But, I love you so freaking much. You are a HUGE inspiration! You followed your dreams and didnt stop I love you cutie! 💓

it doesnt annoy me at all. i appreciate it. thank you :)

Someone that's as amazing as you, doesn't deserve the pain that things put you through. You are on earth for a reason. I am glad you have a good life. And are blessed with many positive things. I know that what goes on in pictures, you always smiling isnt the always how you really feel. IHFY!

you're right ❤

Good Night! I love you so much! can't wait to meet you someday!✨ Im here for you. I know you probably dont wanna trust or talk to a fan, but im here.

good night. i'm also here for you anytime💙