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What do you think about women who want to be a non-working stay at home wife?

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First of all, being a stay at home wife/mother is actually a 24/7 kind of job. I got no day off for being a mother and a wife 😂 I'm constantly needed, anytime, anywhere with anything and everything. I wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast, taking care of my son, my husband, my dog, my house, and I go to sleep at the earliest of 11pm at least, every day.
Second, idk where people get the idea that a non-working wife/mother is not doing anything at home, just because they don't work regular jobs from 9-5.
Last but not least, non-working wife/mother probably didn't bring monetary value to the family or a paycheck every month, but if you put a budget on everything that a wife does at home as a domestic labor from:
Cooking 3 meals a day x $25/meal every day for 30 days=$2250/month
Cleaning 3 times a week by your local housekeeper x $50=$600/month
Daycare for the kids $850-$1000/month
You accumulate all of that it would cost at least $3850/month, per year $46.200 😃😃
That alone, we saved more than we can earn from doing regular office jobs just by being a stay at home mother. So yeah, my thoughts about being a non-working wife, it's still hell of a work, without actually getting paid.

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