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Hey my question is.... is it fun go work with Jessica

Jessica from @Aphmau? Yeah, super fun! She has really good ideas. I also respect her a lot because she oversees so much and does a great job of it! I don't think people realize how hard she works and how much effort she puts in. My favorite thing is recording mini games because we all get to interact in real time, and she always cracks me up! XD Thanks for the question! <3

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hardest thing about being a va?

This job is GREAT, so I don't like to complain too much, but if I had to say one thing, it's probably those times when you don't get called for a while. It happens to all VAs, because it's how the industry works. It's an ebb and flow. You'll have a really good month or two where lots of work is coming in and you're booking a lot of gigs... and then there'll be a dry spell and you don't get cast for a while. It's hard not to start doubting yourself and your abilities when that happens. But you just have to remind yourself that it's temporary, and you'll be on the up-and-up again soon! Good question!

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OMG are u kizana in yansim!?!? she is my favorite rival I hope she dont replace kokona tho!!

I did voice Kizana! So far just the rival introduction video and that little scene in the "Curious Case of Kokona Haruka" vid that came out last month. :) Since I haven't voiced her in-game officially yet, I don't say a lot about it, but I LOVE THIS CHARACTER, so I'm looking forward to voicing her for as much as YandereDev will have me! <3 I've always wanted to play a snotty rich girl (fingers crossed for an ojou-sama laugh!). And from the Kokona video it sounded like YandereDev was leaning toward having them co-exist, so I bet you'll get your wish!
Thanks for the question! <3

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Katelyn Barr I see you liked the SARA 2 voice tweet. Were you or Kathleen Barr SARA's voice? ;)

Wait, so because she and I have similar names we have some kind of psychic connection??? Also I literally do not remember the tweet in question??? I probably liked it because I like Toonami. And SARA. Not really a deeper meaning behind every tweet I like.
That said, the opportunity to voice something in the Toonami universe would be SUPER rad. <3

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Have you been on a paranormal investigation or would you go if invited?

The closest thing I've done to a paranormal investigation was a group project in college where we visited a bunch of haunted places in NC and did "semiotic readings" (not paranormal exactly, just sort of "reading between the lines" observations, Google it). If I was ever invited on one, ABSOLUTELY I would go. I ain't afraid of no ghost!! XD

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