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Im glad I don’t come from a broken family, especially when people claim they put family first but put up a front and try to have all these morals just to impress a girl 😂😂😂😂.

Define broken family?

U missed me but you dn well could a pulled up at my house ... Butt u expected it to be a 1 way street ...

Don't know where.

what do you think about individuals who like neither women nor men

I would actually like to speak to one. Pick their brain. Ask questions. Intriguing.

How often do you think about why you do the things you do?

As a kid (6 - 9) I thought a lot about why people do what they do. This was the question I asked soo much. As a result I've become an overthinker. I think about everything I do I would say about 95% of the time. Its innate.

Why western marriages fail and Asian countries marriage are successful by far margin?

Cultural differences. I think its called socioeconomics. Individuality vs Collective Identity. Something like that

is the political opinion of the person you like important to you

Kinda. It matters. It doesn't have to be the same but I'd rather they not but heads. I don't mind if she has her own thoughts and ideas. That's fine.
I guess it depends.

I am much much closer to you than you realize and I don’t mean in distance

I'm feeling kinda sad right now and this is making it worse for some reason.

I am killing myself over a girl 😔😡😔😢😞

Figuratively: Sleep it off. Go talk to someone. Write about it.
Literally: Don't. You'll never see anyone you care about again like that.


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