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because you won't answer me on anything else and you popped up on my feed.. I've only asked this question and the last two.. I never said the one about being a dick to girls or the one underneath it

Wow, well if that's the case there's many creepers about talking shit they have no clue on, being creepy cunts asking me questions on something I haven't used in a year, all of you asking me questions on this thing are sad man, go away and leave me alone, asking me question on fucking of all things.

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Just laugh at the fuckers (: they have nothing else better than write insults on anon, when they are probs fat hairy guys xD maybe not but it's a funny thing, imagine them running o.0 sorreh if I've scared you.. So uhmm yeah you're welcome :) and I'm known to you.. But unknown :3 -unknown

I am doing, they think I actually care what they have to say, it's hilarious, and they're still going on with selves now, have another question from them xD they hide behind a computer screen and it's just hilarious tbh.

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