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Why don't you finish apps when you say you will?

I never said I would finish any apps you have to understand that making an app is very hard work for a 13 year old to handle and time witch I don't have it also requires lots of computer skills and you'll need to have help from a graphic designer with I know none of not just that but I am lazy as fuck and would much rather watch YouTube videos

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Why did u say u had anxiety on a question that asked what your favorite type of sushi was?

I answered the wrong question

Which city would you choose as capital of the world?

no where on earth would I choose as the capital of the world everywhere you look it's all fucked up Δ

Gay marriage, do you agree with it ? Why or why not ?

I have no problem with gay marriage I believe that people should be allowed to do what they want and not have me to go around judging them.

Do zombies poop?

if zombies are dead then none of there body actlly works except for the brain and because most zombies are thought of as rotton and dead the there digestive system would not work there for meaning that they mostly just bight flesh of for the heck of it meaning that they never would poop
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