Ask @Kacceyyxoxo:

Why do young women prefer to date someone whose old enough to be their dad? I mean it's a trend now. A girl I know has been bragging to every one about her new bf and when I saw a photo of them I was shocked because I used to think he was her dad.

Mmm not all women prefer tht but I only go for guys tht are older than me by like a year or two but I got a boyfriend sooo tht doesn't really matter to me but if she's likes to be with him let her bet don't be a rude man

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What is the formula for love?

There's no formula if you love someone for who they are not Bc u want them to have sex with you then tht's love there's no formula for it

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How do you get over your first heartbreak? 😔

Mmm well u can express it to them face to face so tht u can get all your feelings out to them before you move on or you can talk to your friends about it. But do whatever is right for you. Don't force yourself to get over tht person unless u feel like you're ready to.

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Should i give up on college because i hate writing. My papers come back with red ink every time. I’m so tired of trying to do something that I can’t.

Don't give up you should keep trying if you don't like writing maybe take a class tht doesn't make you write a lot but makes you feel interested in tht subject you're learning

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