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What is something you like seeing bloggers do? What is something you don't like seeing bloggers do? What do you wish bloggers would do more?

josefcd904’s Profile PhotoJosef
There are no rights or wrongs to blogging, there may be some things a blogger would prefer more (some bloggers prefer editorials than "routine posts" like reviews and impressions, etc...)
That being said, I do like bloggers who often interact with each other as it provides a chance for people to know more about said blogger. A few of my nitpicks are more on blog layout than anything, but basically, this is what I don't like seeing bloggers being negligent about and wish to see them implement them more often.
Contact page - I can't count the number of times I tried contacting some bloggers, only to find out that there are no contact information at all. This was especially frustrating when I was organizing blog carnivals.
Search - A search bar is incredibly useful and I see no reason why bloggers won't implement it.
That's about it. Oh, before anyone say anything about my blog design, I LOVE DARK ASS THEMES, SO SHADDAP

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Are you playing Miitomo?

I'm using Android and I think it's unavailable in my country, lol. I can fiddle with VPN on my phone but I honestly couldn't be bothered with it.

Do you see any of the people you met online as your friends?

Sure. If they see me as friends (I AM your friend right? RIGHT?), I'll definitely reciprocate the friendship.
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Might as well ask since Lita asked, that and I am curious. So, yeah, what is it that you enjoy about my blog?

josefcd904’s Profile PhotoJosef
That you use simple, concise words. Love the lists too :)

What motivates you to continue blogging?

YuriAmbassador’s Profile PhotoOG-Man
It's the only outlet I have which allow me to voice my opinions beyond twitter's 140 character limit.
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Judging from Tokyo Encounter, who do you think is the better gamer? Sugita or Nakamura?

Nakamura. Sugita plays too much visual novels so his hand-eye coordination skills took a nosedive.

Love Live! Corner~ Favorite μ's group song(s)? [Any] favorite subunit song(s)? Non-subunit song(s) (e.g., second years', NicoRinPana, etc.)? Duo song(s)? Solo song(s)? Go, go, go!!

Favorite μ's group song(s): Aishiteru Banzai, Snow halation
Favorite subunit song(s): Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan, Diamond Princess no Yuutsu, Love Novels
Favorite non-subunit song(s): Soldier Game, Susume→Tomorrow
Favorite Duo song(s): Garasu no Hanazono, Zurui yo Magnetic today (...because MakiNico is ftw, even those brief exchanges in this song is hilarious)
Favorite Solo song(s): Daring!!, Ai wa Taiyou Ja Nai?

What do you think of Aqours?

Do you mean the characters? No idea tbh, I haven't check them out that much. Frankly, I'm actually kinda worried about the anime, as the concept just seems like a pure carbon copy of the original series, I guess it still remains to be seen though.

What is an easy way to get people to ask you questions?

josefcd904’s Profile PhotoJosef
I'm probably not the best guy to ask, I'm not exactly... charismatic, if you notice. I just kept yelling on twitter "ask meh", but I haven't did that in awhile too. If there's questions, I'll just answer them, if there aren't any, I'll just let my ask profile fade into the darkness.

On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?

Considering my room's dark almost 24/7, I would say 0/5. I'M ONE WITH THE DARKNESS.

Happy Valentines Day, Kai! >.< We don't talk enough, and I may not be yandere... (it's a shame because you wrote such a nice guide) But have some chocolate!

Thank you! And I'm not the one who wrote that guide. Once again, credits to Nahash of Beast’s Lair.
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