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What is something you like seeing bloggers do? What is something you don't like seeing bloggers do? What do you wish bloggers would do more?

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There are no rights or wrongs to blogging, there may be some things a blogger would prefer more (some bloggers prefer editorials than "routine posts" like reviews and impressions, etc...)
That being said, I do like bloggers who often interact with each other as it provides a chance for people to know more about said blogger. A few of my nitpicks are more on blog layout than anything, but basically, this is what I don't like seeing bloggers being negligent about and wish to see them implement them more often.
Contact page - I can't count the number of times I tried contacting some bloggers, only to find out that there are no contact information at all. This was especially frustrating when I was organizing blog carnivals.
Search - A search bar is incredibly useful and I see no reason why bloggers won't implement it.
That's about it. Oh, before anyone say anything about my blog design, I LOVE DARK ASS THEMES, SO SHADDAP

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Love Live! Corner~ Favorite μ's group song(s)? [Any] favorite subunit song(s)? Non-subunit song(s) (e.g., second years', NicoRinPana, etc.)? Duo song(s)? Solo song(s)? Go, go, go!!

Favorite μ's group song(s): Aishiteru Banzai, Snow halation
Favorite subunit song(s): Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan, Diamond Princess no Yuutsu, Love Novels
Favorite non-subunit song(s): Soldier Game, Susume→Tomorrow
Favorite Duo song(s): Garasu no Hanazono, Zurui yo Magnetic today (...because MakiNico is ftw, even those brief exchanges in this song is hilarious)
Favorite Solo song(s): Daring!!, Ai wa Taiyou Ja Nai?

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What are some good VNs for a beginner like me?

Play a short VN like Planetarian, Narcissu or Hanachirasu (the latter is pretty action-orientated while the former two are more emotional, feels-inducing titles, nakige, as they call it. Take your pick) to get a feel for the medium. Once you're familiarized with the medium, feel free to check here:

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When was the first time you accidentally fell on (or touched) a girl's boobs?

As I highlighted somewhere in my blog (, no such "accidents" exist. These so-called accidents are a part of all these harem protagonists' master plans while retaining an innocent facade.
And unfortunately, I don't have the courage to actually initiate these "accidents".

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