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I miss you baby! I'm going to miss you and the Select girls sooooo much next year :(

Oliviajmitchell’s Profile PhotoOlivia Mitchell
I'm gonna miss you too!! I already do!! :( text me whenever and maybe we can hang outt.

Who tf are Aleks and James and why is Aleks' name spelled like that

How am I supposed to know why his name is spelled like that and they're my favorite youtubers

Well do u hav a kik

No. Just tell me who it is and I won't answer if you don't want other people to know. And like do I know you?

I like your new profile picture. And I'm peeling on my shoulders bad now so it looks like I have skin disease. What the fuck. But I mean on the bright side I'm tan as fuck now.

Dude I'm so tan. Like seriously I'm catching up to my mom.

what happened with you and that girl Angela? wasnt she your Bestfriend? you guys never talk anymore. you talk to all your other Wallingford friends besides her and Maddie and I know it upsets them alot

I talk to like nobody in Wallingford. Angela and maddie are like the only people I actually do talk to.


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