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Perks of being your friend? :D

hammad_kakar’s Profile PhotoHammad Khan⚽️.
• I am annoying as hell
• I'll call at 3 in the morning just because I feel like it.
• If we're hanging out together and you buy something to eat, make sure you bought it for me too otherwise there will be World War 2
• I'll actually be there for you no matter whenever you need me.
• I never betray people I call friends.
• I'll bestify you 24/7 :')

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It's not'can' it's 'may'. Learn some English first.

Excuse me? Well let me tell you that colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language, since you and rest of our present company perfectly understood my intended meaning, being particular about the distinctions between "can" and "may" is purely pedantic and arguably pretentious. Thank you -,-

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whats the one thing from daily life...... you hate the most.....?

YOU know what's the worst thing about being a girl is ... is when another girl asks you for a hair tie, but it's your last one, but you cannot say you don't have one because she knows it's on your wrist, so you give it to her, and then she says "oh I'll give it back!" Knowing damn well she won't and you sit there sad because now you have to go buy another pack of hair ties that you know you're gonna loose by the end of the month. 😭😭

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Some words for Peshawar Attack?

azkabss’s Profile PhotoAzka
Okay. So I'm not gonna type the long paragraphs telling how bad it was or saying how sad I am. The words lost they're meaning when we think about this. We can't do anything, we can't go back in time and save those Angels nor can we anyway make all this less painful for they're families. All we can do is Pray! So I want all of you to pray for the victims' family and all those Martyrs. May Allah bless you all.

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Some words for Peshawar Attack

First liker get 20 likes rest get 2 plz :)?

The cities, the roads, the countryside, the people I meet - they all begin to blur. I tell myself I am searching for something. But more and more, it feels like I am wandering, waiting for something to happen to me, something that will change everything, something that my whole life has been leading up to.

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