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I think I saw you in SDA. Mind meeting someone anonymous?

Why do people always find me there man.
Need to find a new spot.

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What's the biggest fashion faux-pas for you?

Slippers and shorts, slippers and denims, slippers and pants, slippers and skirts. Just SO ANNOYING
Liked by: Uzma Batool

Such a foodie! Please don't put food pics on instagram at night :P

Haha doubling the number of food pictures right away :D

What's the best thing about sex?

I'm not an expert (however much I'd like to believe) but the fact that it's, how do I put it, SEX! :P
Liked by: Amar Khan

That is the sound of a deflating hot air balloon :* Did someone pin you or something? :P :D Oh sorry! My bad. You can't be "pinned"! ;) PS: Do you even get any action?

Why are you so concerned if I get any action or not?!
Tch tch desperate attempts for attention.
Also, was that reference of me being "pinned" supposed to be funny? Really?
Liked by: Amar Khan

What makes a person “good”?

A person isn't an object that can be defined so easily.
Everyone has a good and a bad side to them,
Liked by: Shruti Rao

Which was your most memorable birthday?

20TH! Whatta a freakin day.
Sheru :* Notay :* Jenny :* SU :* Shre :* Pri :*


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