Ask @Kamiflor90:

I can't guarantee you a happily ever after like all these stories, and I might not me a prince charming. The only thing I can give you is my heart. And the only thing i can guarantee you is that it will beat for you and only you. Will you take it and will you take care of it for me?

Christoffer Malmqvist
You have been so wonderful and patient with me. I know I'm complicated and I don't know what you see in me. But I wanna give love a chance once again even if it scares me. You are worth it. I think you might be the knight I'm looking for, I want to take care of your heart as long as you take care of mine. I want to be with you <3

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okej, då kanske vi ses på närcon vinter då :) jag kommer cosplaya en genderbender på misty så du kommer nog att se mig haha ;)

Och jag ska va Umaru-chan! :D

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Är det någon speciell du gillar då eller har du gett upp hoppet på killar?

Vet inte vad du menar xD
Hittar jag nån så hittar jag nån och om inte så gör jag bara inte det ~

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