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I will post this question to you on every single stage so...c:

Okay then, I'll go through the two first stages then haha
The main goal for us was to make pools as diverse as possible, covering as many skillsets as it can so the tactical picks would matter more.
Reverence: Great rice map with tricky patterns that can throw pepole off, was a must pick for us
Koi no Serenade: Harder from short LN maps, we picked it for pepole who are good at noodles
Whisper of Rose: Easy map that gets harder in second half, picked as harder acc battle
Re:Birth II - Last Battle: We picked it as easiest map of the longer picks and a consistency check, but it turned out way trickier than we expected
Funwari Fuwari: Pick aimed towards o2jam players, the rough slowjams and hard noodle patterns were really deadly, but it was so slow that 90% of players could S it, high risk - high reward pick
FIRE FIRE: Streamy map, picked mostly because it's a tremendous diff, also hard to acc
Unpleasant Sonata: That was the most varied map of them all I think, a lot of patterns that are hard to nail and require great consistency to FC on matches
Kakuranger: Believe it or not, this was Starry's pick, I didn't want to pick it because I thought pepole will be annoying about it but he said that it's okay, so we went with it as a chord-y long pick
Kataomoi: Picked mainly because of large number of slowdowns as an SV pick, turned out to be very liked overall, which I didn't expect (that inteliser #1 tho)
uni: Longer consistency pick
amamichi: Obvious acc pick that was also nerveracking in first half, big test of ability to hit rainbow 300s and keeping your cool in tournament setting
Berry Love: We honestly had little options for TB, so we went with a decent and varied ranked map. France vs Germany match was dope
Round of 16:
Quo Vadis: Really fun map with light chordstreams and easy FC, consistency test.
Workaholic: Long chordy map with rigid patterning and a lot of chordjacks, stamina heavy so to speak
Achromat: Acc war pretty much, easy throughout, yet with enough variety
Italian Crack Job: SVs m8 :^)
Shunkan Spline: Yoshilove noodles once again, relatively slow but hard
MadKappa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): Amazing song and really dynamic chart that test a lot of skills in diffrent parts
anemone: It was supposed to be amamichi of this round but nobody picked it so far D: (BR vs US match in 30 mins)
Ketsarku: Perfect burst file for r16, showcases players speed
Negative Legacy: Probably my favourite map of this pool, Long mixed map pick, chordjacks and LNs
Tsun Neko: Bursty LN file with loads of very fast stairs, picked as LN pick simply because of how well it flows, also accuracy test
Haryu: Rice-y chart for BMS players
STORIA: This map has everything you can ask for apart from SVs, long mixed map pick
No Pain, No Game: Noodle heavy long pick
TWBTD: Picked as LN oriented SV pick
TOKIO FUNKA: Sorry, I just had to. This map fits too fucking well as a tiebreaker with each part testing a diffrent skill. It has everything we wanted from a TB
1/4: Soon™

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top 5 mania mappers?

For 7K I'd say Evening/Zenx, pporse, Tear, Agka and I would list a whole lot more mappers here but I'll go with LordRaika because god, those LNs are fun
For 4K, Shoegazer/Eze, Fullerene-/rCaliberGX, justhow0615, Starry- and Evening (again)
For other keymodes, dosyeru (glorious 8K), Skalim (5/6K), shionelove (8K), Snow Note (9K), ExUsagi (5/6K)
This is totally a subjective list and I could list a ton of good mappers that are on par with those I listed

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