What is your dream last night?

I was taking a tour on a strange exotic island and made friends with a huge crow which almost attacked me at first but then she actually eats a cat who happened to stand near by me. I met lota of old women who are sleeping separately from each other on a wooden floor and the crow told me they're some sort of craftswomen. I went to see a dirty lab where they produce skincare products and the atmosphere made my eyes hurt and I couldn't stay longer in the lab. After the tour, I went back to where I stayed and met my high school friends and an online friend. He asked me to meet somewhere but then I lost sight of him. Then there's this seminar with my college friends and I was drawing a picture and trying to capture it with my phone and the speaker got furious if he saw someone using their phone. I put my phone on the table but it seems that he noticed another student and confiscate his phone right away.

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