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You seem happy since you and Ashley reunited (: I'm happy for you. Melissa was always controlling you.

Yes (: I'm very happy. Ashley is a gooood & awesome friend. And yeah she was.

Melissa needs to stop her bullshit. She's fake. Your better than that Kamryn. You can make her life a living hell with just pictures of messages. I will personally take care of her dirty mouth. I wonder if her mother knows what she says about people. Fake ass hoe.

Yeah but I'm not that mean. And I don't wanna hurt her. She commented on my status. Who does she think she is ? She told me that I start the shit when she's commenting on my shit. And yeah I agree with you 100% ! I have a life. I'm not gonna waste it on her.

What do you do when you’re angry?

I ask Melissa if she can talk and I let my feelings out . Or I call Katelyn on the phone and talk


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