Ask @KareenaChawla:

oh dear you are so so so sooo sweet👰👸😇 i wish actually i pray "dear God this girl is damn cute please send me as her life partner in my next birth and plz give me all those qualities by which i can win her heart..i wanna see this sweet face everyday in front of me"🙏👫💝💞

Have you ever faced the awkward moment when you really don't know if it was a sweet message or a creepy one?

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You write really good💜

Abhinav Sharma
Thankyou❤️ Here's something for the special day of 8th March.
She's a fragile bone, but a strong soul.
She's a weak heart, but fearless as a whole.
Aggregating all, she's an individual that has fire,
A body that can only inspire.
Out of these 365 days,
One of those 'Women's day' is just a phase.
Everyday is a women's day,
its her contribution's that weigh. ✨

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