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Qs: cerr share place yg korang rase buat korang tenang je bile korang stress or something. Me always be at the beach 💚 tenang sgt2 weii🙈

High 5
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ade ke yg apply course die mint kt upu tp end up kene yg last option?yg last option tu pulak yg die xminat. lpstu korng ikut flow or tukar kpd course yg korng minat tu? bc thats happen to me. First degree. lol🙃🙃🙃

Happened to me. Ambik jelah. Sebab tu lain kali semua option tu kena letak yang kita minat. Bukan main letak jer. Ingat senang ke nak tukar course ? Kalau tak nak jugak, tunggulah intake lain.
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setiap U tu ade kelas dia tersendiri.. Tk perlu kut nk remeh2kn U orng lain.. Mentality tu haih ubahlh. #pesann.. #tddeshoutoutkate degree ump "je"pun.. #bknbdkump

Budak yuaitiyem lah ni

i want to ask, how much your monthly expenses including (oil, food, lepak mamak) ? cause im wondering why my bff can save 1k per month while her basic rm2k (minus epf and sosco pptptn and all stuff ada lah rm1.6k) and she didnt do any part time or wht.

Buy what you need, not what you want.

Korang rasa kelas seketul hari isnin smpi khamis, OR kelas isnin dan rabu je, 2 kelas dlm satu hari tapi takde gap. Which one better?

Second choice

ak agk ske mamat ni tpi dia slalu lyn ak cm kwn je but i saw he's really caring towards his boy friend.. should i chase this guy?

I dont think so.

how to move on fast ? 😕

It'll takes time. Find another source of happiness for yourself. It can be a person, hobby, or works.
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If you had done something disgraceful, but no one knows.What if you can't stop it eventhough it will affect your dignity? Plus it is a sinful thing. What should you do with yourself?

Clean, repent, don't repeat. Keep it as secret between you & your God.

To girls, how and where would you like to be proposed?

Propose me by proposing my parent. Makes my mom likes you.

Kadang2 ni bila seorang tu baik dengan kita, kita selalu perasan macam perempuan/laki tu suka kat kita... tapi sebenarnya tak pun... macam mana ye nak elak dari rasa macam tu :'( syok sendiri ni susah betul, kuat perasan :'(

Jangan layan perasaan tu. Anggap biasa je.
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I thought of confessing to my crush, but kebelakangan ni he's so busy(helping his father buat kerja itu ini), and I don't have chances to tell him about my feeling. Mannn, should I just tell him or maybe just wait until he's free?? 😧

Wait. Time is yours. Try cari masa yang sesuai. Let him breathe.

Girlsss have you ever talked to your crush first? Oh god im sorry if this question annoys you.

Yes. I tend to make the first move.


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