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The best thing that you never forget.

I just want to thank these amazing people for one amazing night. ❉✧✺

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I love my bbg, Katherine. I only took this for you my girl, lots of love and luck!
-- @KScoddsPugs

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i miss you so incredibly much!!💛

laura marano

I haven't seen you in foreverrrr!!! So I'm gonna post this incredibly cute pic with us& @ardenxcho & @BailesMadison ❤ miss you babe!

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Such a beauty 😍🔥

Camila Mendes

Omg but look at you!!!🔥🔥

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How are u

Someone's gonna... WHO DIES?! Find out tonight, for the season finale of Shadowhunters! ➰

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Tomorrow nights episode (season finale) will feature my new song... Ember!

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Share something 😍🐼 staif

عمر خان

Variety Power of Young Hollywood-- feat. @Tyler1_posey1 🖤

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You're so beautiful. ❤

Al & I love you all so much!!💜

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You are 🔥🔥🔥

I guess maybe it's from all the dancing? 💋💃

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Ooh season three, here we come!➰🖤

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Yes I had a wonderful time at Comic Con... and yes I was with my family there the entire time!

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Kickass moves are for sure, wouldn't want my ass to be there!

Dylan O'Brien

Hah! Love you Dylan, too bad I missed you at comic con, it would've been lovely to see you. Xx

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OMG it is showtime for these next five days starting today but I'm ready and I know it and I'm excited because I have another addition celebrate on Saturday at 10 o'clock in the morning

Tessa Marie

And so it begins...

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hey how are you

"Kickass moves," they called it. And that's what Clary is full of! ➰💪🏻

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My love!! ❤️

laura marano

I'm in Milan!!! Sending love to you, and great food. 🖤➰

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaai gurrrrrrrrl


Reunited and it feels so good!

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A seelie, a werewolf, and a shadowhunter enter an escape room... #teamwork 🍃🐺⚔️

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Shadowhunters is nominated for the best Sci-fi tv show!! & our very own Alec Lightwood is also, go vote for Matt & Shadowhunters! ➰

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Season 2B of Shadowhunters is sooo amazing so far! 🙈


Thanks, babe!
Sneak peak for tonight's episode? ➰

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Do you think you could beat a man in a fight? if so how?

Cars three world premiere was epic! I had so much fun, and I hope you all get to see it too.

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pap of u wearing socks?

This lovely angel is one of our producers, the sweetest one 😉 I was given this piece of art & decided to give it to her as a gift of thanks for all she has done for the show. You should've seen her face! She said, "No way!" And started laughing and smiling, she said she'd forever cherish it since we're like parabatai

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hi how are you

Michelle Dieudonne

Doing good! I'm ready for the Shadowhunters chat! ➰

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Can u kick someone's balls for an episode of Shadowhunters,

Epic photo shoot yesterday, and Cars three today!! ✨

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Getting those Shadowhunter feelings out ➰

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