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If he could just sing that song to you, would you be his?

My heart already still is Geri's, whether he still wants it, I question, but I can't just unlove him. I don't have that switch that everyone else seems to have.

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What makes a person fake?

1. When someone tries to take credit for what was mostly done by someone else
2. When someone flirts their way into their career instead of earning it
3. When people only want to hang out with alternative motives
4. They constantly use people
5. They steal other people's boyfriends/ girlfriends while pretending to be oh so innocent to everyone else, so no one would believe the victims
6. They lure men in by wearing skimpy clothing
7. They use everyone from their rich daddy to ever well known guy to get their career, similarly to number 2.
8. They are never honest about their motives
9. Too much unnecessary plastic surgery. I mean if they're all silicone ,what is there that's left, that's not fake? What are they trying so desperately to hide?
10. They always say one thing, but then do the opposite.
What do you think makes someone fake?

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Are you a victim of love

Yeah. It just feels like mutual love is only out there for everyone else, but I only exist to be replaced. Are you a victim of love?

Why is it so hard for people to be themselves???

I can't speak for everyone, but many of us have been given so many reasons not to like ourselves and aren't given reasons to like ourselves.

Why do girls cheat more in relationships?

That's not true. Guys cheat all the time because it's easier for them as they don't have to worry about getting pregnant.

What's your take on FWB?

Those are only for hoes and fboys. Those are a complete waste of time for those of us who have self respect. What's your take on them?

Sometimes people who act like they don’t care,are the ones who care the most.

That's no excuse for letting other people be a wedge in a relationship.

Would a woman who has spent her entire life in New York be able to adapt to a new life on a farm in the South if that's where the man she loves lives?

Possible, if she's wanting a quieter lifestyle.

What it means when your own mom don’t like you

If you're really asking about my Mom, she did love me. She's just not around anymore because she died. Now if you're wondering about yours, I honestly don't know how to answer as I don't know anything about her.

Who’s your favorite character from “ Game of Thornes” and why ?

I'm sorry, but I don't watch Game of Thrones.

Spotify did me dirty this year. Putting Taylor Swift in my most liked artists. Embarrassing, really. White millennial starter pack

Hey, Taylor Swift is amazing. She actually puts in the work, she doesn't just try taking all the credit for things mostly done by someone else unlike certain other female singers. Just sayin'. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I made you leave me because I love you

That makes no sense. If you really love someone you wouldn't want that person to leave your life, so how is that supposed to add up? You either want someone in your life or you don't.

i was 19 got hurt

What happened? That's if you don't mind me asking. I understand though if you don't want to talk about it.


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