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Are you an organized person? Do you enjoy and take time rearranging things, just keeping everything really tidy? Or is that not important to you and you would rather focus your energy on being lazy or a slob or if you are gifted, both forever and always? or or or or

I think I'm more organized now that I'm older, although the days I'm sick I might fall behind on keeping things organized. =) How about you? =)

is a viking tale, abstract. a story about serving a purpose beyond ones self. story about sacrifice, about savage brutality. a story about what true strength and faith in belief serving something greater. thats really obscure but that my personal take on the film. not a google description.

That sounds really facsinating. =)
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Whats the plan today?

Well, earlier today, I took some pictures for my Digital Imaging class, which now I need to decide which ones to use color manipulation, and what other techniques to use, and then after taking those photos, I had a play rehearsal. =) So now, all I have planned is to finsih my digital imaging assignment, and my assignment for my marketing class. =) How about you? =)

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making a list of goals is an impossible task for me. unless you count day to day small goals, like practical goals to accomplish. like a 'to do' list. but like long term or life goals? forget it. my mind is a blank. when i used to go to therapy they would ask about goals & i could never think up one

That's true, and it seems like some things can be easy to do until you're told to do it, and then the mind just goes blank. =)
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