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Have you got caught?

What is there for me to get caught doing? Taking summer online classes or taking care of my puppy and trying to train my puppy? 😂

I have to find new love

If you're trying to pretend to be Geri, do yourself a favor and get a life. You don't even phrase things like him at all, and you've already've given it a way multiple times that you're not him, by bugging me when it's clear you're in a different timezone than him.

Do you like Pepsi or Coca - Cola more? I think there the same thing

Finally, someone else who thinks they're the same! =) It's so annoying when people expect me to prefer one over the other, when I don't taste the difference. As long as it's the cherry flavor, and not the diet it's good. =)

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Who is Cameron

I don't know anyone with the first name Cameron, but as a last name, there's the actor Kirk Cameron who plays Buck Williams in the Left Behind Trilogy , and actress Candice Cameron Bure who played D.J. in Full House. =) Those are the only Camerons I am familiar with.

I’m a big man, 6’3” & 315 lbs and no it’s not fat, I have many tattoos & piercings, Would you go out with me?

I'm sorry, but I'm not available.

Do you like to dye your hair blue, purple, and pink?

No. I used to put color streaks in my hair with hair chalk, as anything stronger than that would be too tough on my hair, but if I could I probably would dye it blue for the fun of it.
Do you?

Have you ever had to share a room with your ex? What did you do to make it work, especially if you're not hooking up or hanging out anymore

No, I haven't. Have you?

How’s your weekend going?

Not that great to be honest. My puppy keeps biting me. It just feels like my puppy hates me. =( I'm starting to wonder if I was just born to be hated, if I can't even have a puppy to love me back. =( How's your weekend going?

Why do you play games ? 🤣

I don't. I don't even have time to play those mind games people seem to be obsessed with playing. Why do you play games?
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When you block people on ASKfm, what are the reasons you do?

ameena8480’s Profile PhotoSentimental Sugarcube
Either trolling, or when they only ask inappropriate questions, or if they only want to argue or start a fight, as it's so dumb, unfortunately though the blocking feature seems to be completely worthless, as it doesn't seem to stop their shenanigans.
What is your reason for blocking people on here?

You doing okay?

Other than the stress of summer classes, and trying to train my puppy, yeah. Thank you. Are you doing okay? =)

i can't hide this anymore , i'm sad . i want to cry . my heart is heavy asf.😔😔depression ain’t no joke

dejbaddie’s Profile PhotoMonroe Sanders
*hugs* I'm sorry you're dealing with depression. It really is tough. I'm here for you if you want/need someone to talk to. If I don't respond right away, I'll respond as soon as I can.

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