I must ask... are you bipolar?

I’m great, actually. Is that what you are? Good to know

I just don't understand how you flew from "Goodnight loser" to "See you tomorrow baby!!!" in one post. Either you were joking or you change your mood like a girl changes clothes.

It’s called sarcasm! Do you not have any?

It isn't obvious through text. And not all of us are mentally perfect. Now, please, give me five minutes to savor your incredible fun-ness and beauty on your Instagram. Be right back.

What’s ur username

Don't worry about it just yet. Let's get to know each other better here first.

Okay dokey

Where's your father?

I mean my parents are divorced why does that matter

Just noticed no pictures of him. No big deal. Mother's work, too.

We still talk all the time. We have a great relationship.

Ah, good for you. It's better than having a void in your life, for all your life. Wait. Is it a void if you never knew what it was to have that hole filled?

I think everyone has reasons for doing things. I respect him, even imthough I didn’t agree with his decision- I don’t hold grudges

I'm proud of you, Katie. Be the better person! Say, is it Katherine, Katharine, Catherine, Kathryn, Katarina, or Katya?

KT is what I goby