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Are you saving money right now for something special? What is this special thing?

Yeah, I'm gonna be saving my money to get my first tattoo this Summer :D I want to get this tattoo on my wrist, for my love of singing and writing music. <3

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Post a funny conversation between you and your mom 😃

♥ Son Pari ♥

(Not with my mom because she's just...no...but I'll do one with my stepmom.)

So last night she and I were watching the Jets Game (I don't normally watch because I don't watch Hockey....anymore....) but we were mostly chatting. Well, they mentioned 'Ottawa' and I told her "Ottawa sounds like a kid whining 'I don't wannnaaa''. And she laughed and agreed c:

Okay, so maybe that's not really a convo, but it's all I can think of right now, haha :'D

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Favourite lines?💯

Manu Khan

'Yes the past can hurt, but the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it'. Rafiki from The Lion King

That line has (and still is) helping me with life. <3

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If you had the option to choose to go anywhere in the world right now , would it be to "somewhere" or to "Someone" ? 😊

Manu Khan

You're probably gonna shake your head at how cheesy this is, but here goes....

I'd go see the guy I like/miss c: Yeah i saw him on Wednesday, but I'm missing him like Krraazzzy c: And I won't be going to his store until not next week but the week after...:L

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Is it normal that if I see a naked woman I can't help but look?

Personally, I don't do it (it makes me uncomfortable, haha. I'm such a loser.) But yeah, it's normal I guess. :)

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I was talking to my friends on the webcam yesterday and my sister in law walked in my room naked without knowing my friends were on webcam and she's blaming me, I should be blaming her not her blaming me, do you agree?

My question is, why were you naked for your friends? :P

Nonetheless, I don't really know the whole story. Was your door closed? Did she knock? Did she just barge into the room? But yeah, I think based on what you've said, I think I'll have to agree because if your door was closed (which I'm sure it was) then she should have knocked rather than barge in like that.

But yeah, i don't know, haha :3

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Why do women expect me to have respect for them when since my childhood they haven't respected me?

Well, this is just my input on this:

I think you should respect everyone, and not just women. Women and men deserve respect. Now, believe me, I know what it's like to not be respected as a child/teen, etc, believe me, I've been there. In fact, sometimes I still go through those times. However, if you give respect, you get respect. :) (I probably sound like a teacher right now, sorry :P). Like I said, I, and I bet a lot of people as well, go through that where they/we think that, but you gotta remember, we're all people, we all (yes, including you!) deserve respect.

Sorry for my rambling, or if I didn't help. I tried. If there's anything else, don't be afraid to ask me anything more on this subject, I'll try to help more if you want(:

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Is it normal whenever someone wrongs me that I write in down I'm a book and put the details of what happened and the date and time?

Ehhh, not sure if it's considered as 'normal', but you do you, I'm not one to judge people based on what they do in their personal lives. :)

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When was the last time you ordered pizza? What kind of pizza was it?

It was on Wednesday. :) I got a Mexican beef with pineapple pizza, and it was gooood! (Watch as people who are anti-pineapple on pizza people come attack me). At least i don't dunk pizza into milk : ))))

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What gives you goosebumps?

Shaheer abidi

Cold air...:P

Hahaha, I'm sorry for that obvious answer.

Um...I think the sound of singers like Lady Gaga's and Adele's voice live in concerts :) (I've never seen Adele yet, but I've seen her singing in videos on Youtube and just...she's got a great set of pipes!)

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What’s one thing that would make you extremely happy?

Finding amazing things I never knew existed in Thrift Stores. :')

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What do you do when someone talks shit behind your back?

ayesha malik

I usually just ignore it. :) if they're just gonna talk about me behind my back, I'm not gonna waste my time trying to to change them, you know?

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What is your favorite thing about the night?

It's weird, because the night is my favourite, but I can't describe what my favourite thing is...I guess it's just so..beautiful. :)

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Life is all about?

Life is about not trying to pleasing others. Life is about trying to make yourself happy.. Life is about living, not just surviving.

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hey :)


Hey, how are you? Long time no talk :D

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QOTD-Favorite Pc Game?


The Sims 2 <3 I used to be obsessed with that game, I would actually stay up till like 3 A.M building houses (mansions) and making sure the Sims characters lived a good long life :')

But sadly, my laptop doesn't want to play them anymore...:(

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What do you like the most about yourself ?

I like how I'm creative. :) I like how I write songs and stories(: And I also like how I care about other people.

(Sorry if I sound braggy at al.)

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Team Facebook or Team Instagram? (Personally I'm team Instagram) :)


Would you rather kiss Joker or Donald Trump?

Joker, obviously. donald trump is just a racist cheeto lord. At least the joker isn't terrible like him.

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Send nudes 😀

Baring it all...;))))))

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Converse or Vans?

You know what? I really hate(d) this election! Not just because people decided to elect someone that is terrible, but it's turned everyone into MONSTERS. Everyone's against each other nowadays. What happened to spreading acceptance and love in the world? We're supposed to be human KIND, not human hatred. Since this election, everyone's bashing each other on beliefs, sexuality, race, etc. And for what? I see so many comments telling people 'hahaha, you're anti trump, you must be muslim, hahaa!11' Or stuff like that. I'm not even american but even I know that america is doomed if you all start fighting against each other! You all should be ashamed of yourselves (The ones who spread hate.) Please stop the wars already! Why can't everyone just get along already? Spread the love, not the hate!

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Who is hiding under Stig’s racing suit?

..Who is that? O_o

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Aawwhh😍that's so Kind of you!!🙈thank you sooooo much!!!!


No problem! :D

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hey :) would you do me a little favor? just created a new channel on yt and would really appreciate your serious opinion about my music :) .youtube.com/watch?v=W3GRZQmbZjQ


That was really beautiful! I just subbed you(:

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