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What do you think about Will’s post on Twitter ? ?

will poulter constantly criticises whitewashing, criticises the media for not calling white shooters “terrorists”, uses his ig to spread awareness about charities/NGOs, constantly volunteers in said charities/NGOs, etc. but some people only want to focus on the way he looks like and this is f*cked up. Srsly, this is 2019 for God’s sake, who cares about his physical appearance ? Tbh, he’s a mf king and deserves the world.

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Best part of the movie with @x_dylanobrien_x ?

What I enjoyed the most was when me and Dylan spent the day on top of the tree together. It was the first time where we….we’d became friends but I think it’s where we kind of really spent time together as actors. And for me, it was just a beautiful day of work because I got to just be one on one with him and see the magic that he makes.

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Best part of the movie with xdylanobrienx
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August 26, 1991.
I truly don’t know how to start or what to say.
This isn’t my day but it’s a very special day for me because today, one of the most important and special person in my life for the past 5 years was born. He is really special to me and to everyone too, and deserves the world. Sometimes I really thing that he is too precious for us.
I knew him for the first time, during the audition for The Maze Runner and god damn the dude knows how to act. He is an inspiration for everyone and has this amazing personality that makes him special. He is a weirdo who pranks everyone on set ( I didn’t forgot that prank while I was sleeping you bastard ?)
He loves everyone and cares about his family, friends and fans. I am proud of the person he is today.
I watched him grow up since TMR, if only I had the chance to know him before like his TW co-stars.
So, keep it, dildo because I ain’t gonna do this all the time.. this is the only time that I’m going to be nice to you ?
So thank you, for being who you are, for supporting and standing for what you believe.
Thank you for being my best friend/brother/everything.
Thank you for being an inspiration for all the kids and teens. We need more people like you.
I’ll end this, by saying Happy birthday @x_dylanobrien_x and I love you deep deep down. ?

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August 26 1991 

I truly dont know how to start or what to say 
This isnt
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