Ask @KayleeScheidegg:

Do you think that money can buy love?

no that is dumb
Money will not make someone love another PERSON. It can make someone WANT to love another person if they are showered with nice things and travels. That does not mean they truly love the person for themselves. They’d just love the things that come with the person because of the availability of money.

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What's your wildest fantasy?

My take on this question is kind of how I envision the future or would like to envision it turning out. Kind of like a dream or big goal.
-I become a well known photographer
-I get to travel the world
-I am happily married
-Money isn’t a big worry in the back of my mind all the time

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What is beautiful to you?

- someone who is being selfless
- fall leaves (orange/yellow)
- the ocean
- a tight knit family
- reading a physical book
- someone getting over their fear
- someone realizing their worth
I’m sure there’s more. This is all I’m gonna write though. Just a few things for you.

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