What is your kik?

What's your Kik ?

I've never had someone ask me the same questions on here.....lol. Thanks for your kindness:) I love reading, watching/playing sports, board/card games, and spending time with friends!!

No probs

Favorite pic of yourself?

All of them

Pic of you and your man:)

Naw yeo, #ItsASecret

do you and your girls like to compare each others massive king kong sized dicks?


Not really. I spent several hours in the library and now just at home watching netflix....lol

Oh that's nice

Do you have kik?


What man is blessed to call you his?

That's a secret 😉

I'm from Louisville, Kentucky:)

Oh, America.. Sweet😅

Have you had a busy day?

Uhmmm idk have you

Are you in college yet?

How old are you breh?

Would you throw him back up, or keep him on there? Lol

Listen man, I really don't know where this is going but uhmmm seeing this is merely hypothetical and unrealistic, probes never gonna happen... I'm just gonna say chicken

Where are you from?

Winnipeg Manitoba yeo, #Represent Hbu?

A college professor. What are your hobbies?

Futbol! (Soccer) swimming, running, learning languages haha Hbu

You are beautiful:)

Thank you! I'm sure you are also anon! ☺️

That tiny guy you gulped in your drink. Are you going to puke him out, or is he staying in there?

Uhmmm if I didn't know he was in there then I guess he's gonna die in my stomach... O.o

What are your dreams/goals in life?

Dentist, Hbu?

Outfit of the day?


I just turned 30. Have a nice life:)

Lel... Thanks 😳


18, Hbu?

Because you didn't see him due to being so tiny.You accidentally gulp a tiny dude who was in your drink. When he enters your stomach, what foods/drinks does he land in, if this situation literally happened right now?

Uhmmmm probably some water... And oatmeal and veggies and bread 😳😳😳

Post your profile pic?


complete the line

Naw yeo 😂

If I wrote you a love note ___________________

Wait whet? Haha

how's josh

LOL really good ;)


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