Ask @KeepYourEyesPeeled:

Have you ever wanted to leave your city, house, and go somewhere else to start a new life?

I did it. I thought moving away from my parents would help me heal some issues I was facing at the time. It didn't happen. The first two years that I was away were one of the most depressing of my life. I felt lonely, powerless and disappointed. Also it was a time of big aged deep changes in my life. I'm currently in the 4th year since I moved away from my parents house. Things are different now, but not because I'm away, but because I started doing things differently.

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Do you always have feelings for your first love? Can you ever truly move on or will there always be a small part of you that is unavailable?

I have little locked compartments in my heart...once locked they are there safely tucked away. I have unlimited compartments for future loves. I am always available. I moved on. There is always something that remains, like a care for their wellbeing. But the place they once held is not theirs anymore.

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What are you tired of being judged for?

For expressing how I feel. I don't keep my feelings hidden inside of my soul. I say it. I confront. I am me. I am my words. And for speaking the voices of the vulnerable. Someone needs to take charge and seek justice. That is why I chose that career and why I still believe in my place in it. And I will never stop speaking loudly. My views on Donald Trump. And they say they do not judge others but yet they do. I detest him, and that is my right. Just being judged about anything gets me upset. I have found that if you do ONE thing differently or believe…they seem to dislike you totally.

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Are you passionate about animal welfare? How much do you care about animal welfare?

Unfortunately, there are bigger issues. But I do care. More so than human welfare, that's for sure. Very passionate. I do all I can to bring to people's attention the plight of endangered animals. I volunteer at a Native Animal Rescue Center.
I wish all pet cats would be legally bound to wear bells around their necks. Too many native birds are killed by cats.

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When swimming in the sea, do you go where you are able to touch the bottom or do you not care? Do you know how to swim well?

I'm a strong swimmer in the pool. But I HATE swimming in the sea. It's terrifying. You never know what you might find there or stumble upon there. I tried to train for a triathlon last year and loved it until I had to practice sea swimming. NOPE! I don't like the ocean that much. The water over here is not clear so I'm not going in where I can't see.

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