What makes you, you?

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Uhh brown hair, green eyes somewhat tanned skin. Crazy random conspiracy theories and a love for books. Devistatingly good looks and a decent taste in music. I don’t let people in easily but when I do I’ll care for you no matter what. Kinda on the sarcastic side which honestly In the case of a hostage situation would be my downfall.
There are countless ingredients that make up the human body and mind, like all the components that make up me as an individual with my own personality. Sure, I have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others, but my thoughts and memories are unique only to me, and I carry a sense of my own destiny. Each of those things are just a small part of it. I collect information to use in my own way. All of that blends to create a mixture that forms me and gives rise to my conscience.
At least not in the way people think. Genetics have a significant influence over your development, but the other portion is vastly generated by the experiences others impart on you throughout your life. All of your values -or even the aversion to certain values- are strictly defined by what the adults in your childhood exemplified, meaning you are the combination of all the character traits you were exposed to growing up and there is not a single original thought in your mind, just a milkshake of all of the information you were given. "You" are a compound entity that works within the limits of its programming, that can, of course, grow and expand through your interactions to thought models that are new to you but still imparted by others. Changing a single event in your upbringing would have changed who "you" are entirely. So you and I and everyone in the world are just happy random accidents that carry on with us snippets of the people that came before us.
The greatest mistake is to be continually fearful of making one. A stumble may prevent a fall. To say that we have made mistakes is to say that we are alive. When we cease to make mistakes that is the moment when we cease to be. The Buddha has once asked if he'd ever made a mistakes, he answered "I am making a mistake even now, nothing more."
My abusive step dad, well used to be step dad. Me and my mom got away from him last year but everything he tried to make me do I did the opposite and I got a boyfriend even though I wasn't supposed to and he saved my life.( I was suicidal). He's been harrasing us since we left, and I've found out he wasn't just mentally and emotionally abusive, he also physically abused my mom, I want to put his name on here just for people to see this man for what he is if y'all ever see I'm and not get tricked by him.anyway yeah I'm me because of him
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Quel secret inavouable garderas-tu jusqu'à la mort ?

Si je vous le disais, ce ne serait plus un secret. 🙂 Puisqu'il est inavouable, vaut mieux ne pas en parler non? 😁

How often do you drink alcohol?

Never. I'm in my early twenties and I have never drank alcohol before. Main reasons are alcohol problems in my family and also some health issues in teen years which aren't relevant now anymore, but I still feel like not drinking at all and I think I'll stick with it for my whole life. Honestly, I don't see why I should, this is something similar to smoking in my opinion. There's people who smoke and people who doesn't, same goes with drinking I guess? But that's rarer, probably. I find this world beautiful without alcohol and I really don't have a reason to even try. I'm happy sober!
I drink maybe 1-2 times a week, some weeks not at all. I’ve become mostly a social drinker, and personally I prefer to smoke. I used to drink every night, I had to have beer. Now a beer really fills me up and makes me burp, yet it’s still my favorite alcoholic beverage. Crazy how much we can change ourselves.
Few times during a year. I don't like the taste of alcohol, but I like the good times and great ideas we always get with my closest friends while drinking slighlty too much and slighlty too long. I only drink once a month, but then a lot. I live in Germany and at 16 you pretty much are an outsider if you don’t get drunk at parties. The trick is to get super drunk when every one is still sober so you can be sober again when every one else is drunk.
Anywhere from 0 to 5 times per week. Looking back at this week, I had a glass of wine on Sunday evening while watching TV with my wife, and a beer during a band practice on Tuesday (I had to drive home after the rehearsal).
Probably a gallon throughout the year, I like Jaeger (usually buy a 375ml bottle) and this cherry blossom sake they sell at Rouses. I've always wanted to try Irish cream but can't find it in stores around me.
Very sporadically. I have a couple bottles of hard liquor in a cabinet (not cheap stuff either, Glenlivet, Woodford Reserve) some of which are probably 10 years old. Every few weeks I'll have wine or beer at dinner. I get drunk maybe once a year. I can't remember the last party I was at that I didn't have to drive home from, so never any alcohol there.

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How much and how often do you drink?

I rarely drink. I went out for dinner last weekend and I had a glass of wine, and three weeks ago I had a cocktail with a meal out. I’m not teetotal, but I definitely have less than the equivalent of one alcoholic drink a week, and I very very rarely drink at home. I’m in my mid-30s, married, no kids. I definitely drank more when I was in my 20s and single.
I'm not a huge drinker. I'll go through phases where I might have 1 or 2 per night most evenings then I won't have anything for ages. Because of duty frees now being a thing on the ferries I've started a habit of drinking a fair bit in the train home from work. But work itself is dry so I have at least 2 weeks per month without drinking.
I think for me it works out to about once a month, but there are some months where there are a couple of times where I'll drink, then a couple of months that will go by where I won't have anything. Around Christmas I'll probably have a little more, and October (a family birthday and Halloween), and I might have the odd fruity cider in the Summer months but that's about it. I know, I'm boring.
I don’t drink alcohol at all, never have besides around 3 or 4 beer bottles equivalent spread over my mid-teenage years. Haven’t drunk any alcohol since I was 17 and don’t plan to with the sole exception of a very small bottle of whiskey my wife and I got in Scotland on our honeymoon that we’re saving for when we buy our first house.
I'll have some tins and a bottle of champagne at new years, maybe a couple of beers at Christmas and maybe go to the pub for a couple of pints 3-4 times in a year, maybe a pint or two with a meal 3-4 times a year maximum. Honestly don't get the appeal. Nothing messes with my mental zen like alcohol, fully don't understand how anyone can maintain any kind of mental control whilst also drinking regularly.
For the past 15 years I've only drunk alcohol maybe two or three times a year, linked to special occasions - e.g. perhaps a bottle of artisan cider at Christmas, or while watching the final of some major sports tournament, or a pint of cask real ale with a restaurant meal on mine or somebody else's birthday. I'm not a marathon runner or anything, but I'm pretty healthy. I drink less than the recommended amount for women per week, meaning less than 7 drinks a week. I usually don't drink on weeknights, and I'll have one or two glasses of wine on Fridays and Saturdays, and once every few months I'll go out to a bar and have 5 or 6 drinks, but I feel like absolute trash the next day so that's not a frequent event. On average, every other day. I just make sure to keep track of those calories and hydrate afterwards. The hardest part is not letting it destroy your inhibitions. If that's a problem (like it is for me) stock up on super low-cal snacks to binge on like pickles.

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I am sure this has likely been asked before, but I am curious to hear how often everyone imbibes on cocktails. Do you drink most every day? Once a week? Weekends? And do you usually just have one, or do you tend to drink multiple?

Pretty much everyday. I manage a tavern so I have at least one drink after work, more if I can’t wind down and go to bed right after. My job is so so stressful and I work 50+ hours a week so any day off I get I somehow always end up out drinking. Probably drink too much, one of the flaws of being in the industry while also having a love for cocktails.
Almost every day. I find mixing a cocktail in the evening after work to be very relaxing. My boyfriend works at a pub, too, so I spend some evenings reading or doing school work there, and I usually get free drinks (relationship perks!). But the last time I actually got drunk was a few weeks ago, and it reminded me why I prefer NOT getting drunk.
While I’m not drinking right now as I recover from a concussion, in general I try to keep my average at or below one drink a day, usually over 4-5 days a week. That was a little more challenging as I was getting back into cocktails at the beginning of the summer because it’s so easy to down one and decided that I want another. In comparison I can pretty easily nurse a single drink’s worth of a neat spirit over the course of an hour or two then decide that I’m good for the evening. Additionally, I find that my internal sense of “That’s enough for today” kicks in faster with neat spirits than cocktails, so I have to be more self-aware when I’m mixing. Not very often, maybe once a week or once every other week. I get up so early in the morning and most of my evenings are taken up by errands or my second job, which is on weekends. I like taking my time with mixing drinks so I seldom get enough time to enjoy them.
I have at least two cocktails every day. Usually I'll have two cocktails after work, and on my days off I'll have at least two cocktails and two glasses of wine. Usually more; tonight three and a half glasses of wine and three cocktails. I can't think of the last day I didn't have a drink. Professionally I can't recommend it unless you're the approximate size and relative mirth of Julia Child like I am. I always say: red meat and gin.
As I'm trying new drinks or trying to use up a syrup or ingredient it could be as much as 1-3 a day for a week. Some weeks it's 0 total. Some weeks I have 0 Monday - Thursday and 6-10 on Friday and Saturday. If I had to pick a yearly average... I'd say 1-2 a day.

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How often did your grandparents eat meat when they were young?

Make your own sushi or learn to cook your own food in general. I was vegetarian all through high school so it was nothing for me to get home from work at ten and steam a big bowl of vegetables and rice, make a light sauce with soy, dab of ketchup, and palm sized amount of brown sugar. I ran obsessively so I was so thin I wasn't even getting regular menstrual cycles, adding a little bit of sugar or juice into the mix helped keep weight on. Also slim fasts with meals.
I'm actually very similar, body wise, to you - 115, 5'6" (but in my late 20s). I definitely subscribe to the "eat until you're full and then stop" method, it's how I was raised (despite being American) and I think it's a lot healthier than forcing kids to clean their plates. I would say that the portion sizes I eat for say, dinner, are probably about half the portion sizes that you would get served in a chain restaurant. As a small person, I just don't need giant portions. That said, I always eat three meals a day, and I love eating. I'm very lucky to have never had any food issues, so I'm probably not the best person to give advice to you, but I would advise you to keep trying new foods until you have a variety of options you enjoy, and don't have to force yourself to eat. Is it mainly an issue with textures?
Ironic that your parents don't want to let you leave without getting it under control, but leaving is what has helped you before. That sucks! Maybe trying to manage your stress in other ways might help? And to answer your question, yes I think I'm healthy - I would prefer to exercise more and have more muscle mass, but given my current situation (full time student, half time job) it's not very easy to do. I've also never had a doctor tell me that I need to gain weight, and I've weighed about the same thing for a long time. A lot of the women in my mom's family have the same body type, maybe that's why I don't view it as unusual or see myself as too skinny.

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How often/much do you eat in a day?

I work out 4 days a week and play football/soccer 2 times per week as well. I want to see if I can get athletically fit, so yeah I need to eat a buckload, and all of the good macro's as well. It's been a blast and I'm enjoying myself, and seeing the body transformation is pretty nice as well
My whole life I've been obsessed with food, but the last few weeks, I've cut down to just 3 meals a day and no snacks. It doesnt feel like a diet, and it isn't, it's a new frame of mind because I needed to get healthy. So far I've lost 2 stone (28 lbs) in 6 weeks
Protein shake (44g protein, 2g carbs, 240cal) in the morning before the gym, then overnight oats around mid morning (50g oats, fruit, skimmed milk, greek yoghurt and honey, around 350cal), dinner is anything I feel like within reason - nothing too unhealthy, e.g. tonight is crispy Chinese beef in lettuce.
I used to weigh 135 pounds before deciding alcoholism is the way to go. Amy’s soups were my favorite breakfast foods. Light in taste, woke me up, and just the perfect amount of food if you’re like me and don’t have an appetite in the morning. Have a banana, dates, or orange on the side and it’s just so great. Having a big tin or bag of nuts was my way of snacking otherwise through out the day. Try out a variety of chickpea salads, so easy a monkey can do it. I do a can of chickpeas, half can of corn, and half can of mushrooms, boiled with thyme, rosemary, and oregano. Drained, then a very light olive oil drizzle and sprinkled with Zatarains creol seasoning. Beans and rice, always great. Brown rice with a shit ton of scrambled eggs and maybe some soy sauce is awesome, just don’t fry the rice. Oven baked burritos, Amy’s and other brands, are great. Also, don’t knock a salad, I love strawberry vinaigrette! Zatarains Creole seasoning is also the perfect seasoning for oven baked chicken.
Last year I lost about 70lbs in 7 months by going on IF and sort of a keto diet. Lots of protein, minimal carbs, and healthy-ish fats. I dropped my calorie intake to 1500 calories a day and only ate from 1 to 5 pm. My diet consisted mainly of chicken breast, arrachera, peanuts, and cheese. I really should have ate more greens.
Most important thing I found was to count calories. It really works when you break it down on that level. If you take in less than you save, you WILL lose weight, period. there are many good free apps to help you track stuff. Takes dedication but it's worth it.
My go to foods are 2 egg omelets with a tablespoon of mayo in them, 2 Oz of spam and 1 Oz of sharp cheddar cheese extremely efficient for Keto because its high fat, medium protein and extremely low carb wise. For dinners I would do my protein woth maybe cottage cheese or a vegetable in maybe a cheese sauce. Also buffalo wings were a good go to meal. As of recent I've found a zero carb bread that I use to make burgers in which I can easily add fat to as well as a nice change up to my omelet making it more into a one egg sandwich.

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What do you eat before/after work that's not garbage?

Personal chef here. Been in the kitchen 15 years. I care about my health now bc it's harder to ignore. I love bag salads from the grocery. Add a protein and a 15 min basmati? Boom. But I've tried delivery meals (as they were competition for a minute). Factor and Freshly were pretty good. Like, I was legit suprised at the quality and cook on the chicken. So easy if that's what you're looking for. Protein smoothie before work. Listen, you can slam a monster in your 20s and be good. But maybe when you realize you're retiring doing this shit, eat some real fucking food. Good luck!
The frozen section has gotten a lot better the past few years. I've stocked up on some of the protein and grain frozen dinners or meal starters. The brand "Eating Well" is sold at kroger and it's good. Some decent bread from the bakery section or "tortillas" go well with these. Grapes and those little mandarin oranges are good to keep on hand too, easy to eat and not messy. Good for getting a little extra fiber and something sweet, no real prep required. I cannot stress the importance of those protein and grain meal starters, especially when paired with a microwaveable veggie mix and some decent bread. Easy peasy. Good luck.
Definitely difficult for me : usually before work I manage to have a banana, maybe a glass of gazpacho (weird, but very easy to eat/drink, helps staying sort of hydrated and feels like it is not bad for me). I find it difficult to eat in the morning but need something to be able to ingest the gallons of coffee I'm having at work. After work, any type of raw veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, sometimes red cabbage...) with olive oil and bread. Definitely not the most balanced diet but at least I stay away from heavily processed food with a ton of salt/grease in it.
I also make a 12 minute scramble, I've timed it and that includes taking everything out of the fridge and washing up everything but the pan. I basically chop and add everything as I go. It goes butter over med-high to high, Spam or chorizo, brown for a minute, jalapenos, brown for a minute more, a handful of kale salad mix or broccoli slaw, brown for another minute, beaten eggs with cream, stir for about 30 seconds then add cheese, take off the heat, and cover. During the few minutes of downtime I wash up and put ingredients away. Top with salsa and add a sliced avocado if you want it a bit more filling.
Late night I normally make myself sandwiches, tuna salad, egg salad and melts with cold cuts or leftover meat. Potatoes and rice before work with various stewed/braised meats that I’ll cook ahead for the week as well as various roast veg. If the day gets too long Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches rarely disappoint.

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Native Danes: what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner usually?

Dinner 17:00-19:00 - again honestly varies a lot. I like dishes such as a "food pie", dough, eggs, onion, garlic, bacon/ham/similar meats and assorted vegetables. Otherwise we try be healthy and have various interesting salads and avoid too often eating rice/potatoes/pasta if we can. We aren't exactly crazy health nuts, just trying to shrink the Corona Kilos a bit.
I'm practicing around with some other methods, however. I like the idea of using a cooked protein for a bunch of very different things, for example. Another thing I repeat a lot is that I buy a loaf of 45-calorie bread every single week and will eat a sandwich of some kind for lunch most days. The world is your oyster there.. from chicken salad sandwiches, to cold cuts, to brie and turkey and raspberry preserve paninis. I do this because you can keep lunch under 300 calories that way, and I find that difficult to do otherwise.
My eating habits is that I skip breakfast. I do intermittent fasting and it makes my life so much easier. I hate having to think about three meals per day. I much rather just eat two meals a day. For lunch I eat something similar everyday which is three eggs in some variation. I try to meal prep a big batch every sunday for the rest of the week. It makes my day to day life easier and it even makes my grocery shopping easy because I know for lunch I just need to buy eggs everytime. It also saves me money cause eggs are a good cheap protein. I also love the taste of eggs. I use the entire egg and not just the egg whites.
I tend to eat similar things every day for about a week, and then switch to something else. It's a practicality and grocery shopping thing. I'll go to the store, get enough ingredients to make about a week's worth of (whatever), make that for a week, and then by the next week I'm bored with it and I'll get ingredients for something else. It works out about the same with frozen meals for work; maybe this week Lean Cuisines are on sale and I stock up, and next week I'll stock up on, IDK, Amy's instead.
Almost never. I love variety and cooking. Even if l make a totally delicious lasagne or stew or something, I'll eat it that day, make something else the next day, have some more lasagne the following day, and put the rest in the freezer for coming weeks. We bought a chest freezer so l can cycle through meals l like without being repetitive. I don't even eat each meal each day, and my hunger levels vary wildly, so even if I wanted to eat the same thing each day (which l totally don't), it wouldn't work. It actually astounds me how many people on this and other health subs eat so monotonously, but hey if it works for you go for it!

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How do you eat only meat?

The difference was, I came into it with some severe health problems, had already tried just about everything else over the decades. On zerocarb, I had seen big improvements, more than I had seen even with extended fasting, in the initial days before I lost my appetite.
I'm not truly zero-carb (though close, and there are times) but, assuming you don't have the misfortune of living in a food desert, there's so much meat variety. Try something other than steak... chicken, duck, turkey, fish, shellfish, sausages, bacon, etc... I'd get really bored with just steak too, and I say that being someone who loves steak. Someone has probably already suggested something similar, but, it's what comes to mind. So I was mopey, sad about it, but kept dragging myself to the store to pick out a couple different things to try. Sometimes couldn't finish it. Sometimes would have it but never wanted it again, eventually I found what I live on now.
I eat eggs, ground beef and shredded chuck roast during the week, then move mostly to steak on weekends. I say mostly because sometimes I'll switch it up and eat some chicken (thighs or wings usually), prok chops, bacon and/or fish. The need for variety has just never really been a thing for me though, even before beginning this WOE. Just gotta find what works for you!
New York strips are my favorite cut. I'd try mixing it up a little bit if all you're eating is rib eyes. It could be that you need to season your steaks more though.Try using MSG, pepper, paprika, garlic salt, and some butter. Cooked 2 mins each side on the stove (med-high) and 4-5 mins in the oven at 450F. It's super quick and tastes incredible. I've never not wanted a steak cooked like that haha Btw MSG has a lot of bad media coverage, but it's just sodium and an amino acid. All the claims about it being bad for you are total bullshit (unless you have an incredibly rare sensitivity to glutamate). Since I've started using MSG, I've tricked a lot of people into thinking I'm a good cook haha If I could have reverted to keto/lchf and felt fine during that time, I would have done it in a heartbeat. There's a description in Fat of the Land from Stefansson, about how his new crew were begging for any food other than the only animal food he was trying to adapt them to. Some went without food for a while in protest, but eventually came back to eat a small qty of the animal food, then a bit more, and so on. And they made the transition. Later on, when they were fully adapted and they had an opportunity to have some of the non-animal foods the foods they had begged for, they weren't interested.

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For those of you who require high daily calories, 4,000 - 5,000+ how do you split your meals and what is your digestion/appetite like?

I'm 68 and trying to put on muscle. I cannot eat more than 1.5 pounds of steak at dinner. I only eat 4 eggs and leftover .5 pounds of steak from the night before with lots of butter. I eat the same things every day. It is difficult to eat even that much. I would become too skinny if I ate to my appetite. I do love steak though.
When I had a big appetite at the beginning, I could still only eat so much per meal, so I had 3 meals a day. Still astounds me looking back. I'd have about 300 - 350g of cured pork belly plus 200-250g of steak per meal. (The cured pork belly is bacon, but a really fatty one, 18 g fat : 5 g protein ratio, cooked lightly so very little fat renders out) Now I still eat 3 meals a day but much less per meal. Sometimes I can be full at 150g of cured pork belly plus 100g of steak, a fraction of what I used to eat. Usually it's 200g of the bacon plus 100g - 125g steak for each of two meals. My third meal is 200g of haddock plus butter. I wish I could eat more per meal and do OMAD, but I get full on much less now than I did when I started. I tried forcing bigger meals to do OMAD but could only sustain it for days before the idea of eating such a big meal was so off-putting I just couldn't finish it and I went back to 2 - 3 a day.
It boils down to how active I've been within the last 48 hours. If I'm extremely active with running/lifting/mountain biking, I find it's easier to consume more food as my body needs it. If I haven't exercised, I'll find that I won't eat nearly as much. The great part about this is you can eat when you feel hungry. I understand the fasting part and agree that I sleep significantly better on an empty stomach. I wouldn't worry about hitting calories if you're not hungry. My usual meal is one pound of 73/27 ground beef with added butter and 4-6 eggs. I can finish it in a single sitting if I've been extremely active and am hungry. Then, I'll make the same thing, steak or chuck roast later on. That can be anywhere from another pound to two pounds. Other times, I may eat half of the ground beef and eggs and save the other half for later. I have two meals a day (lunch and dinner). Most often my lunch is some brunch variation with eggs, cheese, vegetables (mostly broccoli and beans), salads and fresh bread. Dinner is my main meal and I'll have it centered around meat or fish, with multiple sides, usually including a hearty portion of carbohydrates. I have meatless days as well, but only once or twice a week. I just got a delivery from my supermarket. I got: 16 ribeyes, 4 lamb steaks (nice change in flavour but I know theyre more expensive in the US than here in the UK), 8 Duck breasts (cooked right its like a steak wrapped in chicken skin), 2 pack of ground beef for emergencies, and 4 tuna steaks which I had for lunch today. The tuna was a mistake. Too lean.

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