Why are you a picky eater?

I'm paying with my own money, and living under my own roof, so if I want to have fried fish (without tartar sauce) and chips WITHOUT any vegetables on the side, I will.
I was extremely sick as a kid and I had to be fed certain foods and certain amounts, even when I wasn’t hungry. It made me constantly feel more sick. Now it’s is really hard for me to eat and I have an eating disorder.
My sense of smell wins me over most times. If something doesn’t smell good enough, or straight up stinks, I will not try/eat it. Also, if the plate I am offered/served has an ingredient I know I don’t like, I won’t eat it neither.
I starved myself too. Food has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why. I'm still skinny and I still don't eat much on a daily basis. But force-feeding me has only made it worse. If my parents had tried another way maybe I would have been able to eat normally now that I'm adult.
I was too, but it was only because I had a habit of starving myself out of pickiness. I do wonder if that hasn't contributed to my eating problems as an adult.
At restaurants and stuff, it's not too bad. They usually have something I can find that's alright, or I just order it without/with a bunch of stuff (I always feel bad for the waiter/ress though because I'm so high maintenance). Same thing goes with the cafeteria food at uni. It was a little harder in high school, so if the entree was something I didn't like, I'd either not eat or just eat the sides. It's kind of hard at other people's houses. I'll usually just not take a lot of it and stomach what I have to to be polite.
I've been a picky eater for as long as I remember, but I'm not a dick about it. I'm not a vegetarian, and I don't have any dietary requirements... I'm just weird when it comes to food. I usually have a packed lunch instead of cafeteria food and when I stay at my friend's we usually get a takeaway or I just eat what they give me.I was a very picky eater in my younger years! Interestingly, I read that picky eaters consume a diet of mostly orange/yellow coloured foods. This proved accurate in my case so I began trying to create colourful meals.
So far every person I know that is picky about food was forced to eat things they didn't want as a child. Since my parents never forced anything on me I grew up liking most everything. When I was little I loved broccoli and brussels sprouts and just couldn't fathom that none of the other kids would touch them.
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Have you ever been bitten by a dog? What's that like?

I was bitten by a poodle once. I was a dumbass kid (maybe 4? Possibly 5), and I can't quite remember what my thought process was. But I think I thought its tail couldn't possibly be real (it was one of those poodles that had been selective shaved and styles so its tail looked like brocoli and sections of its fur were shaved off completely to make it look fluffy around the ankles and neck). I was part of a group of boys that were reaching out and tugging its tail. The dog didn't care for it and started snapping at us. I was a little to slow when I gave its tail a tug and it managed to catch me. I got bit by a random stranger's dog as I was walking down the street. It was painful and I was keen to just get away from the situation. My parents were worried that I didn't get the owner's name or phone number. The stress and frustration of everybody else freaking out about whether the dog was vaccinated or if it had been aggressive to more people was worse than the actual bite itself.
I was bitten by an Alsatian once. It tore my hand and arm up. Very painful. The dogs owner was a really bad owner though, people knew he abused it and it was unfortunately put to sleep. I love dogs still though. If the owner wasn't such a prick the dog would never of done it. Just a quick little story. I used to live opposite a shop that was always busy. It was good for people watching. I was drinking a coffee whilst gazing upon the general public one morning when this guy walks up to the shop with his dog. The dog pulled towards something and the guy full on cocked his leg back and toe punted the dog right in the ribs. The Yelp the dog made was horrible, my wife saw it too, looked at me and said "please don't do anythi....." I think he was in a bloody pulp on the floor before she even finished her sentence. There were legal repercussions but I didn't care. I fucking love dogs. 2 days ago I was out walking with my 14 year old (who is bigger than me) and one of the down the street neighbours (who is a bit of a nut , long stories but everyone knows "Petal"), so Petal is walking her big dog, we are on the other side of the street and dog pulls it's leash right out of Petal's hands and it runs towards me and my son. I immediately step in front of my bigger the me son, shielding him as the dog is circling. Petal is standing there saying, no no, dont do that, I tell her to step in his leash to stop him circling and she does, picks up leash , then she lets it out of her hands again and the dog is back barking, circling, snarling. I kinda lost my mind at that point..my son was behind me and I charge the dog screaming NO BACK NO BACK and sure enough the dog backs up, then comes back..and Petal is just standing there mouth hanging open, tell her again.

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Have you ever been bit by a dog, what happened?

Twice. I was a mailman. Both times, right before getting bit, I was assured by the owners that their dogs don't bite. First time a little lap dog tore into the back of my leg. Second time, the dog busted through a latched screen door and immediately went for my legs, tearing one of my pant legs to shreds. Quite a few times. I used to work at a dog daycare and had to break up fights every once in a while. Once this golden retriever went to try to bite this German shepherd mix but I went to grab him so he couldn’t and he ended up biting me on accident. Didn’t break skin but left a nasty bruise. I told the management and the decided to put him in time out for an hour. He was otherwise a sweet dog believe it or not, but after he bit me and would beg for attention I was like bruhhhh, how can you ask me for pets when you hurt me like that??

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Have you ever been bitten by a dog? What happened?

Once trying to grab a dog that was too excited. Got a tooth below my lower lip. Lots of blood but I was fine. Freaked my mom the ef out and we gave her away. Was probably for the best but I was pissed at my brothers for being dumb and playing with her in the house. Second was our current Corgi. He was having food aggression issues. I had someone suggest hand feeding. He was eating out of my hand and I went to pat him with the other hand. He lashes out and got a tooth in my hand. He was only 3-4 months old so it was a small tooth. Turned out the poor guy had had a broken tooth for a while so he was in pain while eating which was the reason for all the aggression. After removing the bad tooth it didn't take long to untrain thay behavior. A german shepherd bit me directly on the cheek. I was going to a friend's house for the first time, and when I arrived, his dog was waiting for me at the entrance, and he was walking down the stairs to greet me, so I simply opened the door to let him in. However, as soon as I opened the door, the dog sprang at me and bit my cheek right next to my eye. I now have a large scar.
When I was young some time in about 5th grade I think. Went to a friend's house. She had a dog in the yard. I asked if I could pet it. She said I could. And when I went to pet the chow/German shepherd mix it jumped up and bit me in the face taking a chunk about the size of a quarter out of my cheek. Took about 18 stitches to close the wound. Lucky I was so young that as I grew the scar shrunk and now is hidden under my jaw line.
As a puppy he was fine, but around the 3 year stage it started becoming very insecure around other dogs. It didn't get socialized as much as it should, which probably made everything worse. He got more and more aggressive, and went from just pulling on the leash to launching and barking when he saw other dogs. One day when I was walking him there was a dog in the distance. It was just laying down in its yard, not even noticing me and the dog coming. He absolutely lost his mind and I had to grab his collar to hold him back, he turned around and jumped on me and bit me first in the forearm and then in the hip. We realized we could no longer give him what he needed or sell him with a clear consciousness, so we gave him up to a kennel that also did behavior training and had the skills to work with him and his issues.
News paper round when I was about 14. Old man walking his small dog (forgot what breed). Both myself and him (I think) didn't saw it coming that he was going to bite my arm since the dog didn't bark at me aggressively. The dog just saw me, slowly but building speed run a short distance at me, jumped and bite on my arm. I was completely fine since I was wearing a medium-thick coat and it was a small breed dog so didn't bit hard. Old man apologized profusely and dragged his dog away. Think the dog understood it made a mistake and didn't make a fuzz (bark) at me as it being dragged away.

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Have any of you been bitten by a dog?

Yes, though not bad enough to need medical attention (no tooth penetration, just enough pressure damage through clothing to cause surface bleeding and bad bruising). As an adult intervening in a dog fight to separate your dog and another knowing you have a chance of getting bitten is very different to an unexpected attack as a child; it hurts physically but there isn't the same psychological effect. There's also the incentive than living in a country with universal healthcare means I can get patched up for free and know that any wounds are the results of saving my furry buddy, while an injured dog will result in vet bills and a sad animal that doesn't really understand why they hurt now and potentially a lot of work with retraining/conditioning if they end up with issues from it. I've also got a number of tiny bite scars from working with fox rescue; they are not aggressive animals but sometimes a situation come up where you accept the fact you will be bitten in order to look after the animal, like a panicked kit with her leg stuck in a crate that is going to break the limb if you don't help, or an escaped fox that is is keeping too far away to scruff but you know if you grab her tail you'll be able to get a hold with your other hand when she reacts.
So I don't have any specific help, but maybe the attitude of "dog bites are nearly always no big deal with some basic first aid afterwards" will help with the logical part of your mind, even though logic isn't really good at getting to the core of PTSD/phobias. When I was young, my dachshund and I were attacked by a Rottweiler who broke through his window to go after us on the street. Luckily his owner restrained him before any injuries occurred, but I'm still uncomfortable around the breed, or other aggressive breeds. Even though my samoyed girl is very sweet and affectionate, I'd be lying if I said I didn't still have some primal fear left over when she gets in a play-bitey mood. It doesn't help that she looks exactly like a wolf lol.
I think my situation runs fairly similar to yours, though I was not the one bitten. My brother (5yrs) and I (7yrs) were delivering girl scout cookies to a neighbor. Their dog was known by the kids to be terrifying and had scratched up my friend's back pretty bad, but the neighbors tried to keep it contained. We were walking down the driveway after delivering the cookies when I heard a deep growl and my brother's hand was pulled out of mine and he was dragged to the ground. He was mauled by the golden retriever. His elbow still is scarred over 20 yrs later as he used it to protect his throat. All I remember are his screams, the loud barks and growls, blood, and just screaming my head off as loud as possible. I hate golden retrievers and yellow labs. I can't stand them. I am also extremely frightened by the sound of larger dogs barking and growling. I will cry if jumped up on by a dog of similar size or if they bark unexpectedly close to me.

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Has a dog ever bit you? 😱

I don't know if it really qualifies as a "bite" but years ago, I came home from school and I jokingly put my hand in the mail slot. My dog came up and gently put her whole mouth on my hand, then she backed off and was staring at me through the slot like WTF is wrong with you.
I have been bitten by my past dogs. Family dog only ever nibbled me a little the first time I tried to do his nails, and I don't blame him because I wasn't very good at it back then :/ The first dog I had as a kid before that had some issues, and we honestly failed in training him in some ways (I was a dumb kid and my parents didn't really know what they were getting into), so he bit a couple times, but never out of real aggression, it was just high-energy herding-brain getting frustrated.
On walks if he finds food on the ground he starts to eat it. Not knowing whether it's safe, I quickly stick my hand in his mouth and pull it out. When I had first gotten him, and did that for the first time, and didn't yet know him that well, I fully expected to get bitten (was willing to risk it). Nope. He let me do it. It's still the same-I've had to do this twice since Sunday-Sunday I pulled a fragrant piece of chicken out of his mouth, and Monday I did the same with a cookie. He lets me do it.
There was one time I felt the need to back off and that was one of the many times he had a huge chunk of tendon stuck in his teeth--way back between the last two teeth in his mouth. He just gave me this look that I knew was a warning to stop immediately or he was going to have to do something about it. I stopped and found a new way to help him. And now he is very calm whenever I have to get something out of his back teeth.
I have never let them mouth me as pups and don't let my kids play that way with them either. When playing, it they started using their mouth, they got completely ignored. I think most dogs, being so social, respond really well to ignoring behaviors that are annoying, but not immediately life threatening. I also have had some luck with teaching not to bark by not paying any attention when they are barking their heads off. I go get them once they've been quiet for a few seconds, then minutes. They still bark some, but it isn't that constant bark bark bark that some dogs do.
I have a highly reactive, fear aggressive dog. I get bit on a regular basis, although it's been less frequent recently. His teeth are worn down from constantly carrying a ball in his mouth, so mostly it's muscle tears and deep-tissue injuries rather than puncture wounds. He's usually a bite-and-release type rather than rip and tear, but he thrashes a lot, so sometimes it turns into bite and yank. He's a bully breed, so he's got pretty decent jaw muscles.

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Quel secret inavouable garderas-tu jusqu'à la mort ?

Si je vous le disais, ce ne serait plus un secret. 🙂 Puisqu'il est inavouable, vaut mieux ne pas en parler non? 😁

How often do you drink alcohol?

Never. I'm in my early twenties and I have never drank alcohol before. Main reasons are alcohol problems in my family and also some health issues in teen years which aren't relevant now anymore, but I still feel like not drinking at all and I think I'll stick with it for my whole life. Honestly, I don't see why I should, this is something similar to smoking in my opinion. There's people who smoke and people who doesn't, same goes with drinking I guess? But that's rarer, probably. I find this world beautiful without alcohol and I really don't have a reason to even try. I'm happy sober!
I drink maybe 1-2 times a week, some weeks not at all. I’ve become mostly a social drinker, and personally I prefer to smoke. I used to drink every night, I had to have beer. Now a beer really fills me up and makes me burp, yet it’s still my favorite alcoholic beverage. Crazy how much we can change ourselves.
Few times during a year. I don't like the taste of alcohol, but I like the good times and great ideas we always get with my closest friends while drinking slighlty too much and slighlty too long. I only drink once a month, but then a lot. I live in Germany and at 16 you pretty much are an outsider if you don’t get drunk at parties. The trick is to get super drunk when every one is still sober so you can be sober again when every one else is drunk.
Anywhere from 0 to 5 times per week. Looking back at this week, I had a glass of wine on Sunday evening while watching TV with my wife, and a beer during a band practice on Tuesday (I had to drive home after the rehearsal).
Probably a gallon throughout the year, I like Jaeger (usually buy a 375ml bottle) and this cherry blossom sake they sell at Rouses. I've always wanted to try Irish cream but can't find it in stores around me.
Very sporadically. I have a couple bottles of hard liquor in a cabinet (not cheap stuff either, Glenlivet, Woodford Reserve) some of which are probably 10 years old. Every few weeks I'll have wine or beer at dinner. I get drunk maybe once a year. I can't remember the last party I was at that I didn't have to drive home from, so never any alcohol there.

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How much and how often do you drink?

I rarely drink. I went out for dinner last weekend and I had a glass of wine, and three weeks ago I had a cocktail with a meal out. I’m not teetotal, but I definitely have less than the equivalent of one alcoholic drink a week, and I very very rarely drink at home. I’m in my mid-30s, married, no kids. I definitely drank more when I was in my 20s and single.
I'm not a huge drinker. I'll go through phases where I might have 1 or 2 per night most evenings then I won't have anything for ages. Because of duty frees now being a thing on the ferries I've started a habit of drinking a fair bit in the train home from work. But work itself is dry so I have at least 2 weeks per month without drinking.
I think for me it works out to about once a month, but there are some months where there are a couple of times where I'll drink, then a couple of months that will go by where I won't have anything. Around Christmas I'll probably have a little more, and October (a family birthday and Halloween), and I might have the odd fruity cider in the Summer months but that's about it. I know, I'm boring.
I don’t drink alcohol at all, never have besides around 3 or 4 beer bottles equivalent spread over my mid-teenage years. Haven’t drunk any alcohol since I was 17 and don’t plan to with the sole exception of a very small bottle of whiskey my wife and I got in Scotland on our honeymoon that we’re saving for when we buy our first house.
I'll have some tins and a bottle of champagne at new years, maybe a couple of beers at Christmas and maybe go to the pub for a couple of pints 3-4 times in a year, maybe a pint or two with a meal 3-4 times a year maximum. Honestly don't get the appeal. Nothing messes with my mental zen like alcohol, fully don't understand how anyone can maintain any kind of mental control whilst also drinking regularly.
For the past 15 years I've only drunk alcohol maybe two or three times a year, linked to special occasions - e.g. perhaps a bottle of artisan cider at Christmas, or while watching the final of some major sports tournament, or a pint of cask real ale with a restaurant meal on mine or somebody else's birthday. I'm not a marathon runner or anything, but I'm pretty healthy. I drink less than the recommended amount for women per week, meaning less than 7 drinks a week. I usually don't drink on weeknights, and I'll have one or two glasses of wine on Fridays and Saturdays, and once every few months I'll go out to a bar and have 5 or 6 drinks, but I feel like absolute trash the next day so that's not a frequent event. On average, every other day. I just make sure to keep track of those calories and hydrate afterwards. The hardest part is not letting it destroy your inhibitions. If that's a problem (like it is for me) stock up on super low-cal snacks to binge on like pickles.

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I am sure this has likely been asked before, but I am curious to hear how often everyone imbibes on cocktails. Do you drink most every day? Once a week? Weekends? And do you usually just have one, or do you tend to drink multiple?

Pretty much everyday. I manage a tavern so I have at least one drink after work, more if I can’t wind down and go to bed right after. My job is so so stressful and I work 50+ hours a week so any day off I get I somehow always end up out drinking. Probably drink too much, one of the flaws of being in the industry while also having a love for cocktails.
Almost every day. I find mixing a cocktail in the evening after work to be very relaxing. My boyfriend works at a pub, too, so I spend some evenings reading or doing school work there, and I usually get free drinks (relationship perks!). But the last time I actually got drunk was a few weeks ago, and it reminded me why I prefer NOT getting drunk.
While I’m not drinking right now as I recover from a concussion, in general I try to keep my average at or below one drink a day, usually over 4-5 days a week. That was a little more challenging as I was getting back into cocktails at the beginning of the summer because it’s so easy to down one and decided that I want another. In comparison I can pretty easily nurse a single drink’s worth of a neat spirit over the course of an hour or two then decide that I’m good for the evening. Additionally, I find that my internal sense of “That’s enough for today” kicks in faster with neat spirits than cocktails, so I have to be more self-aware when I’m mixing. Not very often, maybe once a week or once every other week. I get up so early in the morning and most of my evenings are taken up by errands or my second job, which is on weekends. I like taking my time with mixing drinks so I seldom get enough time to enjoy them.
I have at least two cocktails every day. Usually I'll have two cocktails after work, and on my days off I'll have at least two cocktails and two glasses of wine. Usually more; tonight three and a half glasses of wine and three cocktails. I can't think of the last day I didn't have a drink. Professionally I can't recommend it unless you're the approximate size and relative mirth of Julia Child like I am. I always say: red meat and gin.
As I'm trying new drinks or trying to use up a syrup or ingredient it could be as much as 1-3 a day for a week. Some weeks it's 0 total. Some weeks I have 0 Monday - Thursday and 6-10 on Friday and Saturday. If I had to pick a yearly average... I'd say 1-2 a day.

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How often did your grandparents eat meat when they were young?

Make your own sushi or learn to cook your own food in general. I was vegetarian all through high school so it was nothing for me to get home from work at ten and steam a big bowl of vegetables and rice, make a light sauce with soy, dab of ketchup, and palm sized amount of brown sugar. I ran obsessively so I was so thin I wasn't even getting regular menstrual cycles, adding a little bit of sugar or juice into the mix helped keep weight on. Also slim fasts with meals.
I'm actually very similar, body wise, to you - 115, 5'6" (but in my late 20s). I definitely subscribe to the "eat until you're full and then stop" method, it's how I was raised (despite being American) and I think it's a lot healthier than forcing kids to clean their plates. I would say that the portion sizes I eat for say, dinner, are probably about half the portion sizes that you would get served in a chain restaurant. As a small person, I just don't need giant portions. That said, I always eat three meals a day, and I love eating. I'm very lucky to have never had any food issues, so I'm probably not the best person to give advice to you, but I would advise you to keep trying new foods until you have a variety of options you enjoy, and don't have to force yourself to eat. Is it mainly an issue with textures?
Ironic that your parents don't want to let you leave without getting it under control, but leaving is what has helped you before. That sucks! Maybe trying to manage your stress in other ways might help? And to answer your question, yes I think I'm healthy - I would prefer to exercise more and have more muscle mass, but given my current situation (full time student, half time job) it's not very easy to do. I've also never had a doctor tell me that I need to gain weight, and I've weighed about the same thing for a long time. A lot of the women in my mom's family have the same body type, maybe that's why I don't view it as unusual or see myself as too skinny.

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