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What is Emerge Financial Group all about?

You can learn a TON from this video here:

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We know what the company does, but what are YOUR specialties?

I have specialized in small business consulting, including month-end close, establishment of accounting policies and accounting system assessment.

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What's your biggest fear?

That YOU go into tax season feeling confused, bewildered, overwhelmed, or "taxed out"! We have the experience, technical knowledge, and compassion needed to have you feeling ready to go for tax season.

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Do you have any advice for getting money back charitable donations?

Funny you would ask! I recently was interviewed on the subject. You can read about it here:

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What was your first professional experience?

My first professional experience was when I was still back in school. I worked as an accountant for Davenport's Company, under the supervision of Dwight Davenport. It quite honestly was the first time I felt "right" with my work, and I went with it.

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What is your philosophy?

In business, my philosophy is to maximize service for each and every client. Individuals who come to Emerge for financial advice are treated as a trusted client and, quite frankly, family.

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When were you drawn to accounting?

At an early age. Calculations, numbers, anything mathematical have been the most interesting subjects for me. While most of my peers at Cal State Hayward were unsure of their concentrations, I always knew I'd end up studying accounting, and look where I am now, the President of a financial corporations.

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About Keith Towns:

Keith Towns is the owner of Emerge Financial Group, providing financial services to Bay Area residents. He's spent over 25 years in the financial industry, and his company was established in 1998. Emerge Financial Group has thrived in its nearly 20th year in the industry.
Fairfield, CA