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I know you’re lonely and sad and think I ghosted you but truthfully you deserve better than me like I told you in the beginning . I love you and I’m sorry for hurting you…

Sometimes i read things on here and actually wish a certain person would say them to me. Meh never gonna happen though lolol 😂

Id love to go back and be with you. But You have someone new. Let’s face it, there’s no cleaning up the mess we made

Probably not

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Why do some guys like to be called “daddy”

Maybe have mommy or daddy issues? Or find it as a dominating kink

What was the dumbest reason you and your significant other broke up/divorced?

Didnt know how to keep his hands to himself

What is something everybody in the world agrees on?

Nothing it seems. Someone somewhere will always have a different opinion.

Are you a movie date kinda person or long walk date kinda person?

Rather walk and talk then sit silent and watch a movie 😂

I think you might have histrionic personality disorder - extreme attention seeking, inappropriate uncouth behavior, unstable sense of self, unstable emotions, constant need for validation, sex, approval, drama everywhere you go, etc. I’m not a psychiatrist but based on observations I think it fits

Thats scary

I asked if you wanted me out of your life… you said yes

Baby come back!! You can blame it all on meeee. i was wrong and i just cant live without youuuu

Tell me what you really want

A person that i will never have. So how about a rare house plant instead ☺️☺️

What’s the best response to “S*ck my d***”?

Suck my ass hole
Hope you fall into a portapotty
Choke on a dick
The best part of you rolled down your mothers leg
Your mom should had swallowed you when she had the chance


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